Cosmos Clinic Patient Reviews – real patients give real feedback

Cosmos Clinic treats a diverse range of patients using a wide range of treatments; both surgical and non surgical.

Every day at Cosmos Clinic we pride ourselves on delivering patients with first class treatments and services. The doctors, nurses and clinic staff at Cosmos strive to ensure that every patient is highly satisfied with their treatments; be it a surgical or non surgical procedure. Although these procedures are often a discreet undertaking, a number of Cosmos Clinic patients have offered their patient reviews on a variety of treatments that we offer.

If you would like to view our profile visit these independent sites.

RealSelf-LOGO Is our patients favourite and the worlds largest independent site to visit for detailed first hand accounts of cosmetic procedures. Real patients post day to day or week to week about their experience, along with progress photos and open discussions about the do’s and don’t’s of the procedure.

Real patients, real treatments, real results.