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Over 100,000 surgical and non-surgical procedures performed

In the grand genetic lottery of birth, we all come into this world with different predispositions. Some of us are larger. Some of us are smaller. Some of us just have to look at gym equipment to get fit. Some of us put in hard work without ever getting far. But we all have one thing in common: the building blocks of beauty are right there, within us. The human body has immense potential, and if you know how to make its inner processes work for you, achieving lasting beauty isn’t just a possibility – it’s a natural consequence.

As an experienced multi-disciplinary team offering cosmetic surgery treatments in Australia, we offer a range of techniques and procedures that reflect organic creation of beauty. Whether it be diminishing or redistributing body fat, boosting collagen production or establishing optimal muscle tone, we work with your body.

Our Cosmos Aesthetics approach requires a deep understanding of the myriad of bodily functions at play, as well as dedicated technical skills, an artistic eye for beauty, and genuine care for all of our patients.

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Together, we have performed more than 100,000 cosmetic and 30,000 surgical procedures. We are one of the select few accredited national trainers for Allergan, the world’s foremost provider of facial rejuvenation products. We are also honoured to be the only clinic outside of North America represented on the Dr Oz Sharecare Panel of Doctors.

Our close-knit team draws on over 50 years of collective experience and has access to the latest medical equipment to offer a full range of treatment options to our patients. This enables us to always employ the technique that best fits your individual needs and expectations.

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