Buttock Reduction

An advanced surgical procedure performed using Vaser Liposuction to remove excess fat from the buttock area and contour the body.

Minimally invasive

Users Vaser Liposuction

Results seen in 6 weeks

Results varies from patient to patient

Vaser Liposuction Recovery


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A permanent change in body shape by removing the fat storing cells

Buttock reduction uses a form of liposuction involving the use of a Vaser technology to gently and carefully remove fat from the bottom. On the day of your Buttock Reduction, you will be sedated via twilight sedation. Tiny incision will be made in the buttock area to allow the injection of numbing solution underneath the skin. This reduces the chances of feeling pain and it prepares the body for the next step. Following this infiltration, a small ultrasound probe is used to melt the fatty tissue in the buttocks. This probe’s ultrasound energy also assists in tightening the skin in that area. Afterwards, the melted fat is suctioned out of the buttocks to reveal a smaller, shapelier behind.

As with any procedure offered at Cosmos Clinic using Vaser, results can be seen 6 weeks post the operation. It is at this stage that a follow-up appointment is had to access your progress. During this time, photos are taken, medical advice can be given, and any further concerns post the operation can be addressed.

*Results may vary from patient to patient.
**All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.


An advanced method to melt the fat and tighten the skin

Butt Reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to reduce and reshape the size and form of one’s behind. Unlike a Brazilian Butt Lift (or Butt Enhancement), Buttock Reduction Liposuction focuses on removing fat cells from the buttock cheeks instead of injecting fat into the area. This can decrease the size of one’s large buttocks, can smooth the curvature of the bottom and can even lift the lower buttock region. Buttock Reduction Liposuction can create a beautifully balanced, symmetrical behind, can mimic the appearance of weight loss, and can even improve a person’s self-confidence.



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Bringing science to the art of beauty

Your initial Buttock Liposuction consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at any one of our cosmetic clinics within Australia. They are located in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

We also treat many interstate and overseas patients each year at Cosmos Clinic. Therefore, we have set procedures in place for those travelling to our clinics for treatment. For travelling patients please send us images of the areas you wish to have treated, which Cosmos Clinic you’d like treatment at, and where you’re located in the description so our staff can include all the appropriate information for travelling patients as part of your personalised quote.

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Recovery & care after buttock reduction

After your Buttock Reduction Liposuction, you will be required to wear a compression garment to aid the healing process, to help with skin retraction and to minimise swelling post-surgery. You can expect to feel slight discomfort in the treatment area, as well as some swelling and light bruising. These symptoms often occur post procedure, and you can expect to be back to performing normal activities at the 1-week mark.

See Dr Fascetti explain the Vaser Liposuction recovery process:

What happens to the loose skin?

As with all Vaser Liposuction procedures, the heat and energy produced during the surgery aids to tighten the skin in and around the treatment area. The ultrasound energy stimulates the formation of new collagen fibres and encourages the skin to retract. This can give the area a buttock lift as well as a reduction in size.

Do the fat cells come back?

One of the main advantages of Vaser Liposuction is that your body is completely transformed due to the redistribution of fat cells around the body. During your lifetime, the number of fat cells you have remain constant despite one being large or thin. This means that post-adolescence, you do not grow additional fat cells within the body. Therefore, when fat cells are removed from the buttock area via Vaser Liposuction, it is very difficult to regain fat in this region. Should you gain weight post the surgery, heaviness will no longer be in your bottom, but distributed more evenly through the body.

Which areas can be treated with Vaser Liposuction?

Having a well-proportioned behind is something many people desire; and although Butt Enhancements and Buttock Implants exist to created bigger bottoms, it is important to note that some patients desire something a little smaller. Therefore, Vaser Liposuction can be used to great effect when reducing the size of one’s behind. It can also be used to effectively treat other areas of the body (such as the flank and back, as well as the inner/outer thighs) to create beautiful shape to the mid-section and lower half of the body.