Gynecomastia Surgery

“Man Boobs” or Gynaecomastia is condition where there is an excess amount of glandular tissue and fat in the breast area of men. This physical trait can give the appearance of enlarged breasts. Man boob surgery involves the use of Vaser Liposuction to remove the excessive fat and glands in the male breast.

The Basics

Diet and exercise cannot treat stubborn ‘man boobs’ and it cannot decrease the amount of fatty tissue in a male chest. Gynaecomastia surgery using Vaser Liposuction is a very effective way of treating man boobs.

The Procedure

During Male Breast Reduction surgery, excess fat and glandular tissue can be removed using Vaser Liposuction. Gynaecomastia surgery is performed under conscious sedation – with general anaesthetic as an option upon request.

Post Surgery

Compression garment to be worn for 3 to 6 weeks post your surgical procedure. Patients generally require 2 to 3 days off work with minimal discomfort during this time. Lymphatic Drainage massages for 2 weeks post surgery.

 Watch RN Alison Explain What To Expect After Surgery

The Results

Most of the results are obtained at 6 weeks. At this point, photos will be taken to assess your progress. The final results may not be apparent for 3 – 6 months post-operation.

Strict adherence to the pre-operative and post-operative requirements is necessary in order to achieve the best possible results.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

The Costs

Man Boobs Liposuction prices vary depending on your overall situation and expectations.

  • Prices start from $5,500
  • Initial consultation is between $150 – $220
Minimally Invasive
Costs Start From $5,500
Results Seen At 6 Weeks

*Results may vary from patient to patient.
**All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

Man Boobs Liposuction Videos

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Top Man Boobs Liposuction Questions

What are Man Boobs or Gynaecomastia?

Commonly referred to as man boobs (but more specifically known by the medical name Gynecomastia), this condition is caused by an imbalance of sex hormones that result in the development of excess breast tissue and breast fat in men. While males and females naturally have varying levels of both male and female sex hormones (male: testosterone, female: estrogen), males with higher levels of estrogen are more likely to develop man boobs. It is quite a common condition among men but genetics can also play a role in the development of enlarged breast. This hormonal imbalance is what causes the over-development of glandular tissue and consequently the deposition of excess fat in a male chest. In addition to this, breast tissue in men tends to be more fibrous – meaning fat in this area is harder to remove. At Cosmos Clinic, man boobs are treated using Vaser Liposuction to remove both glandular and fat tissue. This Male Breast Reduction Surgery has been proven to efficiently and effectively treat this troublesome condition.

The Procedure. What does it involve?

Patients are given a light sedation and a small incision is made into the area being treated. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area around the chest. Once numb, ultrasound energy is transmitted through an ultrasound probe to separate the fat cells from the fibrous tissue. Traditional Liposuction for this area is difficult to perform, and it’s much like trying to break a “brick of fat” into small pieces. Vaser Liposuction, the latest in Liposuction technology, has made this process more efficient as high energy from the ultrasound separates the fat cells from the fibrous tissue – converting it from the consistency of a “brick” to that of “melted butter”. This technique used during a breast reduction procedure makes it easier for fat cells and male breast tissue to be extracted. During the procedure, the gland is also surgically removed along with the excess fat.

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