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Some quick facts about Mole Removal

  • Quick and safe procedure using a laser called the Erbium.
  • Local anaesthetic is injected before the removal of the mole by the Erbium laser.
  • A scab will form and fall within 1 week.
  • Cost is between $250 and $400.
  • Scarring should be very minimal. The treated area may be whiter or darker depending on your skin type.

Mole Removal is a quick, easy and safe procedure.

Removing moles is a quick process these days that can be performed with a specialised type of Laser that leaves no scar, known as an “Erbium”. Our doctors will inspect your mole to ensure there are no signs of cancer. If the mole looks benign, local anaesthetic is injected and the mole is treated with the Erbium laser until it becomes flat. When the treatment is finished the mole will have pinpoint bleeding which is stopped with adrenalin.

In most cases, a scab will form and then fall off after 1 week. At this time, if the removed mole was on the face, there will be no evidence of treatment. If the mole is on the body, you will be left with a flat area that is whiter than the rest of your skin. It is rare that a second treatment will be required.

Mole Removal Cost

Initial consultation at our Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney is $120. This is redeemable on the cost of Mole Removal should you go ahead with the procedure. Prices for Mole Removal range between $250 and $400.

More Information on Lasers

For more information on the Erbium Laser and Laser technology, please see Understanding Lasers and watch the video link below for a visual presentation on what happens during a Mole Removal:

Mole Removal Locations

Your initial Mole Removal consultation can be undertaken at our cosmetic clinic in Double Bay, Sydney. Please note this treatment is not available at our Canberra, Adelaide or Gold Coast clinics.

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