Cankle Surgery

Cankle Surgery basically involves the use of Vaser Liposuction to removes fatty deposits in and around the lower leg and ankles.

The Basics

Cankles are often the result of fluid retention, obesity (excess fat), poor circulation and genetics. Cankle Reduction Liposuction can slim the lower leg to achieve definition and tone around the ankles.

The Procedure

Cankles are treated using Vaser Liposuction with a ultrasound probe used to deliver smooth, natural results. Performed under conscious sedation, general anaesthetic is an option (on request).

Post Surgery

Cankle surgery is a day procedure and you return home the same day. You experience little discomfort for 2 – 5 days with minimal recovery time.

The Results

Results generally seen at the 6-week mark, with final results appearing between 3-6 months post-surgery. Results may vary.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Other Facts

Cankles are a stubborn physical trait characterised by a lack of definition between one’s calves and ankles.

With Vaser Liposuction performed around the ankles, the fat cells will not come back. This means that post-surgery, you will have a permanent change to your leg shape and ankle contour.

Procedure Facts

Minimally Invasive
Costs Start From $4,400
Results Seen At Six Weeks

Cankle Surgery Videos

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