A key aspect of getting prepared for your Vaser Liposuction at Cosmos Clinic in Sydney, Australia is knowing the dos and dont’s of your recovery.

While Vaser Liposuction is a day cosmetic surgery procedure and considered less invasive when compared to traditional liposuction, allowing adequate recovery time and adhering to your doctor’s post-operative advice is vital for your final results. After all, you don’t want to endure surgery and spend your savings on a cosmetic procedure only to need corrective surgery or achieve subpar results.

Here are our top Vaser Liposuction recovery tips

1. Allow time to recover

The cosmetic procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours to remove the unwanted fat cells from the treated areas. Unlike traditional liposuction which is performed under general anaesthetic, you’ll be placed under twilight sedation. This can help reduce the recovery time needed, particularly right after the procedure, and reduce some of the side effects associated with going under.

You’ll need to allow a recovery period of approximately 2 hours in the Sydney clinic before being allowed to go home to rest and recuperate.

For some patients, they will be feeling back to themselves and ready to resume some of their normal activities within 2 to 3 days. For others, a recovery time of 7 days is more realistic. This will depend on the extent of the Vaser Liposuction procedure and fat cell removal, as well as your body’s natural ability to heal.

When you can expect to see your final results will also vary from patient to patient and will be dependant on your recovery. Most start to see the final liposculpture results within 6 weeks of the cosmetic procedure.

​2. Wear your compression garments

They may not be the most attractive or comfortable things to wear, but compression garments are integral to your health and recovery after Vaser Liposuction and your final results.

The compression garments help to:

  • Compress the skin of the treated areas
  • Prevent swelling of fluid post sculpting procedure
  • Aid tightening of the skin to improve body contouring
  • Reduce swelling and increase circulation

The compression garment should be fitted properly to apply consistent pressure. They should be comfortable enough for you to wear up to 23 hours a day. You’ll only need to remove the garment for bathing or washing.

3. Attend your lymphatic drainage massage appointments

To enhance the healing process, speed up your recovery time and improve your overall liposuction results it is vital you attend the scheduled lymphatic drainage massage appointments.

This gentle massage helps to squeeze out any excess fluid and swelling that has accumulated under the skin and between the muscles.

Before you book your Vaser Liposuction at Cosmos Clinic Sydney, make sure you are available to attend the appointments needed. It’s not uncommon for a patient to have 4-5 lymphatic massages scheduled in the first 10 days of their recovery post-Vaser Liposuction.

4. Take care of your surgical sites

Postoperative bruising and swelling are common after the surgical procedure. Patients should also expect some leaking of the numbing solutions from the small incisions made for the cannula insertion.

It takes on average about two weeks for these small incision wounds to heal after liposuction surgery. You’ll be provided with information on how to care for your wounds and avoid infection during your recovery period.

Keeping your surgical sites clean, dry and well-dressed will help maintain the health of the incisions and improve your recovery.

Small, straw-like drains will be inserted into areas of the abdomen to help the leaking fluid drain for the treated areas faster. You should expect to have these drains for 4-5 days before being removed during one of your follow-up consultations.