Skin Tightening

The Basics

The various treatment options available at Cosmos Clinic can effectively treat loose skin by way of assisting collagen production, or by removing the problematic skin all together.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.


For noticeable improvements: Platelet Rich Plasma and Ultraformer may be an option (if the skin is not too saggy).

Surgical – Minimally Invasive

For significant improvements: Vaser technology or Threads may be a suitable options.

Surgical – Invasive

For dramatic improvements: Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift or Thigh Lift may be advised.

Other Facts

Skin Tightening helps treats skin laxity and aids in improving the appearance of loose skin that has resulted from aging and the process where skin has been stretched beyond its normal elasticity.

Whilst difficult to treat, effective skin treatments are available.

Procedure Facts

Various Options Available
Costs Vary
Significant Results Achievable

Skin Tightening Videos

Treatments to tighten your neck and skin.

Dr Joseph Ajaka Cosmos Clinic

Neck Lift Procedure using Laser Assisted Liposuction // BTS SURGERY

Neck Lift Procedure using Laser Assisted Liposuction // BTS SURGERY

Dr Joseph Ajaka tells us what the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery procedures are.

Non surgical facelift: Silhouette threads and Ultraformer