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Shaping the calves with Muscle Relaxant Injections or Calf Liposuction to achieve a slimmer calf appearance…

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Some quick facts about Calf Contouring

  • It can be treated with Vaser Liposuction or Muscle Relaxant Injections.
  • Our doctors will discuss with you’re the best option depending on whether the issue is caused by muscle bulk or an excess of fat.

Vaser Liposuction

  • Is a walk in – walk out procedure performed under mild sedation and local anaesthesia.
  • Swelling can persist for several months after the procedure.
  • Price starts from $5,500 including all the theatre and anaesthetic costs.

Muscle Relaxant Injections

  • The product is injected into the targeted areas with very fine needles.
  • The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes.
  • Mild temporary soreness and bruising can occur.
  • Results last for 8-12 months.
  • Price starts from $2,200.

The best treatment for calf reduction depends on what is causing the calves to be larger than desired:

  • Fat: treated using Liposuction; or
  • Muscle: treated with Muscle Relaxant Injections.

Liposuction for Calf Contouring

Large calves caused by fat are a concern that many people suffer from. High density fat deposits in this area can be contoured away using the latest and most precise Vaser Liposuction method.

Liposuction for Calf Contouring: What to expect

Liposuction using Vaser Liposuction to the calves is a walk in-walk out procedure done under mild sedation. This cutting edge procedure is gentle enough to be performed with local anaesthetic under light sedation, making it a safer option than a procedure requiring a general anaesthetic. Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound energy to deliver precise results, melt fat cells and promote skin tightening. During the procedure, a small ultrasound probe is passed under the skin to dissolve the fatty layer before it is suctioned away.  The procedure can melt a brick of fat into a softer state; such as like a slab of butter, thus allowing the fat to be gently removed.

When do I expect to see results?

Due to the calf area being so far away from the heart, in most cases swelling can occur for around 6 month post procedure.

What else do I need to know?

For more information on the Vaser Liposuction Treatment please click here.

AK Calves (2)Cosmos Clinic Patient treated using Liposuction

Muscle Relaxant Injections for Calf Reduction

Many women suffer from over-developed muscular calves due to genetics, exercise or sports. Muscle Relaxant Injections can help to create a slimmer more feminine appearance to the calf. They can also be used therapeutically to assist with reducing tight calf muscles caused by exercise and reduction in pain from wearing high heels. These injections are widely used in Asian countries where bulky muscular calves is a common genetic predisposition. The term “radish-like legs” is often used to describe this trait, where the calves appear shorter and in larger proportion compared to the rest of the leg. Muscle Relaxant Injections can be injected into the large muscles that make up the calves to help reduce muscle bulk. The result is a more streamlined and slimmer leg.

Muscle Relaxant Injections for Calf Reduction: What to expect

Treating this condition is usually quite straight forward with a series of muscle relaxant injections. The procedure is a walk in – walk out treatment and takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. You may experience some temporary soreness or bruising in the area. Very fine needles are used and hurt no more than a routine blood test. Most people tolerate the treatment very well.

When do I expect to see results?

In most cases results will take 2-3 weeks to fully take effect. We recommend not performing any physical exercise for the remainder of the day.

How long does the treatment last?

Reduction in size/pain lasts between 8-12 months in most cases.

Are there any risks getting Muscle Relaxant Injections into calf muscles?

Muscle Relaxant Injections have a multitude of uses all over the body. Its therapeutic uses are constantly growing as further research and development is being put into this wonder drug. Muscle Relaxant Injections are safe under the administration of a trained professional who has had experience in injecting into the calf muscles.

Calf Contouring Before AfterCosmos Clinic Patient treated using Muscle Relaxant Injections

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

It is important to determine what type of results you are looking for and to have realistic expectations. Whether the calf is caused by muscle bulk or an excess of fat will also determine which treatment option will deliver you the best possible results. A consultation is recommended to discuss all your questions and concerns and to establish which treatment option will suit you best.

Calf Contouring Costs

Calf Contouring costs and prices vary widely depending on your overall situation and expectations. The initial consultation is $120 with one of our medical team members, however this is refundable if you proceed with any treatment. As a guide, prices for Muscle Relaxant Injections to the Calves start from $2,200 and Liposuction to the Calves is $5,000 including all theatre and anaesthetic costs.

More Information?

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