Calf Reduction

Reduce the size of your calves to create a slimmer and more shapely appearance. Whether you suffer from over-developed muscular calves or carry more fat in the area our two-procedure combination can help you achieve optimal results.

Two treatment options

to achieve optimal results

Results vary

depending on the treatment option

Getting Rid of Unshapely Ankles


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We’re ready to answer any of your questions, call or ask us below



In some situations, we combine slimming injections in combination with Vaser liposuction

Muscle Relaxant Injections may be a suitable option if large calves are a result of muscle bulk.

Vaser Liposuction may be a suitable treatment option if large calves are a result of excess fat.

*Results may vary from patient to patient.
**All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.


Personalising a calf treatment plan that's best for you

It is important to determine what type of results you are looking for and to have realistic expectations with a Calf Muscle Reduction. Whether the calf is caused by muscle bulk or excess of fat will also determine which treatment option will deliver you the best possible results. A consultation is recommended to discuss all your questions and concerns, as well as to establish which treatment option will suit you best.

Vaser Liposuction

  • Where large calves are a result of excessive fat
  • Performed under mild sedation and local anaesthesia
  • Swelling can persist for several months after the procedure during the recovery period
  • Cost: From $5,500

Muscle Relaxant Injections

  • Where large calves are a result of muscle bulk
  • Product is injected into the targeted areas with very fine needles
  • Procedure takes around 30-40 minutes
  • Cost: From $2,200



Locations available




Gold Coast



10 years of experience and performed over 15,000 liposuction procedures

Cosmos Clinic was the first practice in New South Wales to own a Vaser Liposuction machine, and we currently own the most Vaser systems in the world.

Your initial Calf Contouring consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics across Australia. This can be in either Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast. We are also opening a practice in Melbourne before the end of 2019.

We also treat many interstate and overseas patients each year at Cosmos Clinic. Therefore, we have set procedures in place for those travelling to our clinics for treatment. For travelling patients please send us images of the areas you wish to have treated, which Cosmos Clinic you’d like treatment at, and where you’re located in the description so our staff can include all the appropriate information for travelling patients as part of your personalised quote.

50 years

of collective experience and the latest medical equipment

10 years

of experience performing Vaser Liposuction


surgical procedures in the last 10 years

Are there any risks associated with getting Muscle Relaxant Injections into calf muscles?

Muscle Relaxant Injections have a multitude of uses all over the body. As further research and development is being put into this wonder drug, its therapeutic uses are constantly growing. Muscle Relaxant Injections are safe under the administration of a trained professional who has had experience in injecting into the calf muscles. For more information on Muscle Relaxant Injections, read here.