Jaw Line Contouring

Quick facts

Jaw Line Contouring uses Muscle Relaxant Injections to shape the jaw line – restoring a youthful triangle look. This simple cosmetic procedure involves having muscle relaxants injected into the jaw and jawline muscles.

  • Performed using Muscle Relaxant Injections

  • Requires a few injections into the jaw line muscle (masseters) and takes about 20-30 minutes

  • Ice is used to minimise discomfort and bruising. Normal activities can be resumed straight away

  • Results are obvious within 10 – 21 days and last for 8 – 12 months

  • Muscle Relaxant Injections in the jaw line can be used to reduce headaches and teeth grinding activities

  • Costs between $600 – $800 for initial treatment

  • *Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

Up to 30 minutes

Costs from $600 - $800

Results visible up to 21 days

Before and after

*Results may vary from patient to patient

Jaw Line Contouring


Jaw Line Contouring prices vary depending on your overall situation and expectations.

As a guide:

  • Prices start from $600 - $800 for initial treatment
  • Initial consultation is between $120 - $150, redeemable upon treatment


  • What is Jaw Line Contouring?
    • Jaw Line Reshaping or Contouring with Muscle Relaxing Injections is a procedure designed to soften the facial contour of the jaw line giving the face a more youthful and feminine appearance. Men have a squarer jawline while young women have a triangular jawline. The softening and reshaping of the face can also reduce headaches and teeth grinding so patients don’t have to wear a mouthguard at night.

      As we age, the muscles in the face become stronger and more developed; just like the muscles in your body when training at the gym. The jaw line is an area that is prone to over-development as we continue to age. Combine this with fat loss in the cheek area and your face can lose its angular shape and become more “square” like.

  • The Procedure. What does it involve?
    • The procedure involves a few injections into the masseter muscle (the strong muscle in the jaw line) and takes about 20 – 30 minutes in most cases. Quite often, we combine this with a Cheek Augmentation to create the optimal look for our patients. The treatment is only mildly uncomfortable and you will be left with tiny marks like mosquito bites, which will last for a few minutes. Ice is usually used to constrict blood vessels and therefore minimise the chances of bruising.

  • Will I experience any pain?
    • The Jaw Line Contouring procedure is a very simple, quick and easy procedure. Ice is used to numb the area if needed, and then tiny Muscle Relaxant Injections are entered into the muscle site of the jaw line (known as masseters). You can continue your normal activities straight away.

  • How do Muscle Relaxant Injections work to reduce the size of the muscle?
    • Muscle Relaxant Injections work by reducing the activity of the muscle, which reduces the size of the jawline muscle.

  • How do Muscle Relaxant Injections help reduce teeth grinding?
    • Muscle Relaxant Injections have been shown to reduce teeth grinding activity where other techniques have failed. Teeth grinding can lead to headaches, facial pain and enlarged masseter muscles. A small amount of Muscle Relaxant Injections is all that is required to reduce activity.

  • Are Muscle Relaxant Injections safe?
    • Jaw Line Reshaping with Muscle Relaxing Injections are safe when administered by an experienced medical professional. They have been used for over 25 years in both cosmetic and therapeutic treatments without any reported long-term issues. In fact, Muscle Relaxing Injections are commonly used in higher dosages to treat children with cerebral palsy to reduce muscle spasms, lazy eye and excessive sweating.

  • What can I expect after the procedure?
    • After treatment, minor swelling may occur but this is easily covered with make-up if required. Small marks, like mosquito bites, may also appear following treatment but this will only last for a few minutes. If the injection is put in too high it can affect your smile for 2 – 3 months.

      Some patients come during their lunch break and return straight to work or resume normal duties. However, we advise not to massage your face for a few days following the procedure.

  • Results. What and when can I expect them?
    • The results of Jaw Line Reshaping with Muscle Relaxing Injections will become obvious within 10 -21 days and last 8 – 12 months, with results varying from patient to patient.

      Most patients need only one treatment to see the full effect. It is reasonable for patients to expect long-term benefits but not permanent changes.

  • Are there any risks of complications?
    • There have been no permanent side effects reported for Jaw Line Reshaping with Muscle Relaxing Injections procedures. Most patients will have regular treatments for many years without ever encountering an issue.

  • Which clinics can I undertake the procedure?
    • Your initial Jaw Line Contouring consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast.

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