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Dr Erfan Rahbar

Liposuction, Buttock Augmentation and Injectables

Dr. Erfan Rahbar MBBS (Adel) is the Medical Director of Cosmos Clinic Adelaide. With a background in general practice and sports medicine, working closely with high-level athletes for over 6 years, Dr Rahbar has developed a superb attention to detail that allows him to deliver natural and fresh outcomes to patients.

As a previous Chairman for the Sports Medicine Australia (SA) Conference and the Team Doctor for the Adelaide 36’s (basketball team) and North Adelaide Football Club, Dr Rahbar has a thirst for health and well-being. It is these thirsts that lead Dr Rahbar to enter into Cosmetics, believing that there is no greater gift in enhancing a person’s confidence through the delivery of ethical cosmetic procedures.

Dr Rahbar has received extensive training by leading Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons including:

  • Dr Joseph Ajaka: Founder of Cosmos Clinic, Dr Ajaka is a national trainer for Allergan, the largest producer of anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation treatments in the world. Dr Ajaka’s extensive experience and knowledge in this field has been transferred to Dr Rahbar, allowing him to perfect the technique of facial rejuvenation treatments
  • Dr Alfredo Hoyos: Inventor of Vaser Assisted Hi Definition Liposuction and plastic surgeon, Dr Rahbar undertook a 3 day workshop with Dr Hoyos at Cosmos Clinic Sydney
  • Dr Matlock: Located in the fashionable streets of Beverley Hills, Los Angles, Dr Rahbar was trained by one of the world’s best and well regarded cosmetic surgeons in the art of Vaser ABS Liposuction
  • Dr Mueller: Also located in Beverley Hills, Dr Rahbar was trained by iGuide inventor and facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mueller in the art of face lifts.
  • Dr Klaus Ueberreiter and Dr Harmut Meyer:  Dr Rahbar was trained by two of Europe’s leading surgeons in the Bodyjet fat transfer technique to the breast.

As a result of his extensive training regime, Dr Rahbar is trained in the latest technology has to offer across liposuction, facial rejuvenation treatments and face lifts.

Dr Rahbar believes in enhancing a patients own features, to create a fresh, natural look.  He also understands that each patient is unique in their needs and expectations, and hence requires that personal touch. There is no “one size fits all” mentality but rather a focus on building a longer-term relationship with the patient to ensure the best results are achieved over time.  Dr Rahbar does this by undertaking between 2 to 5 post operative treatments, depending on the treatment, to monitor progress and compliment the original procedure with further treatments.

It is this focus on loyalty and longer-term relationship building that have made clients warm to Dr Rahbar. Further, his compassionate and honest nature ensures patients do not feel under pressure to proceed with a treatment, but rather take the time necessary to make the right decision.


  • vaser liposuction
  • vaser hi definition liposuction
  • man boobs liposuction
  • vaser liposuction breast reductio
  • anti-wrinkle injections
  • dermal fillers
  • skin care treatments

Dr Rahbar Says...

“I am gifted to be trained in the art of bringing science to beauty via ethical and advanced cosmetic procedures. My goal is to ensure that every patient is informed, cared for and receive superior service and support, before, during and after any procedure. After all its about improving ones confidence in their self”

Qualifications & Positions held

  • Graduate of Adelaide University School of Medicine
  • Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

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