With the warmer months fast approaching many people are already considering getting back into shape. But sometimes going to the gym, working out, and eating the right diet are not quite enough to get your body beach ready. But what if you only have a couple of bumps you need to lose, but don’t want the cost and risks associated with traditional liposuction?


For a totally non-invasive way to remove excess love handles, lumps and bumps, Harvard-tested fat reduction technology Coolsculpting, can literally spot-reduce fat from parts of your body. Whether you have love handles, a post pregnancy pouch, or a belly that just won’t budge, Coolsculpting uses ultra cold temperatures in a highly targeted area to literally freeze the fat cells dead, allowing your body to eliminate them naturally out of your system over the coming weeks.

For many, a simple, totally non-invasive treatment like Coolscupting is all they need to turn eliminate the curves they’d learned to live with. But for others, even after losing the weight they want to lose, sometimes loose skin can create unsightly contours in the areas a swimsuit won’t hide.

Weighing the Tummy Tuck

So say you’ve lost those lumps and bumps, but are left with loose skin. What are your options?

In the past the tummy tuck has been the most common procedure for such cases. In fact, it’s interesting to note that in the US, it was recently revealed that some 144, 929 tummy tucks were performed in 2010 alone, up almost ten per cent from the previous year. It has been suggested that part of this is because of the increasing popularity of the ‘Mummy Makeover’ – a series of procedures designed to help a woman not only lose her post-pregnancy pounds, but to refirm her body and rejuvenate her breasts. Thanks to new technologies, however, it is no longer always necessary for women or men to turn to the scalpel to achieve the same effect.

Bodytite Invasix Liposuction

Created by trusted cosmetic technology company Invasix, Bodytite uses the energy created by radio frequencies deep under the skin’s surface to not only eliminate fat cells where they are causing the most trouble, but at the same time tightening the skin. With only a few small incisions and mild sedation, this technique creates long lasting results. Plus, because the fat is removed evenly and deep below the surface of the skin, these results are smooth and look totally natural. Bodytite now even being used in cellulite treatments.

So if you’re concerned about toning up for summer, remember that alongside a healthy eating plan and exercise, there are technologies available to budge those extra kilos, and tighten up sagging skin without resorting to drastic and unnecessary surgery.