A recent story has surfaced about young Korean men and women having cosmetic surgery to compete in the job market.  It seems with an unemployment rate of almost 9%, and an increasing number of qualified young people entering the work force, looks rather than qualifications, seem to be the x-factor that applicants and employers desire most.

According to Dr Yoon Joo Lee, a high profile Korean cosmetic surgeon, the most popular procedures for these young job seekers include rhinoplasty (nose job), double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) liposuction and scar removal.

But the power of looks to gain employment isn’t something limited to eastern cultures, in many western cultures, where larger life spans are seeing men and women needing to stay longer in the workforce than ever before, it is often a cosmetic practitioner, rather than a university or college, that people are turning to. After all, studies have shown that not only will a person’s looks often determine whether they are hired, they can also affected the job level a new employee is allocated.  In fact, as a culture, we often associate good looks with good interpersonal skills, confidence, healthy, and youthful looks with morality and  trustworthiness. Just look at Hollywood movies: how many have you seen where the villain was much better looking than the hero?

But if you are planning on ‘freshening up’ your appearance to be more competitive in the workforce, there are a number of options available. The most important rule to follow, however, is that you make sure you don’t choose a procedure that is more drastic or invasive than you actually require. Here are just a few of the most popular procedures being undertaken to wind back the clock.

Anti Wrinkle

For a quick, non-invasive fix, nothing beats the power of Anti Wrinkle Injections. Just a few simple but carefully placed injections can relax the muscles, reducing and eliminating frownlines and crows feet for up to three or four months.


While Anti Wrinkle Injections are excellent for reducing the tell-tale age signs of wrinkles and crowsfeet, dermal fillers can literally fill out sunken cheeks, hollows under the eyes, and unsightly sagging skin.

Fillers can also be incredibly effective at reducing bumps and lumps on noses.

Liquid Liposuction

When it comes to the job race, it is a sad fact that employers often look at overweight or curvy people as  ‘lazier’ or lacking in discipline and energy. If you have kilos that you are having difficulty budging, despite diet and excercise, then Liquid Lipo is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction technology. Using a highly pressurised water stream, liquid lipo dissolves layers of unwanted fat under the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue, ensuring natural long lasting results, without the long recovery period of traditional liposculpture.