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Body Jet Liposuction is a water assisted technique that utilises a water-jet device to simultaneously inject water into the body while taking the fat out. Compared to traditional liposuction where high volumes of saline solution are injected into the tissues to reach the fatty areas, Body Jet Liposuction is a much more gentle approach. The surgeon controls the amount of pressure used throughout the procedure and the fatty deposits are broken down quickly and efficiently. As an alternative to traditional liposuction, Body Jet allows for a more gentle, safe, fast and effective method of fat removal. The procedure uses a cutting-edge device known as the “Body Jet” which procedures high accuracy levels combined with dramatically shorter recovery periods.

The new Body Jet Liposuction technique has a number of advantages over traditional methods using the newest technology to produce more natural looking results:

  • A much gentler technique for contouring the body. Body Jet Liposuction uses the force of water to break down the fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Quicker recovery – Over 90% of patients have little to no pain after 4 days having the procedure. Generally, all patients return to work within 1-3 days. Far less swelling and bruising are experienced with this technique when compared with regular liposuction.
  • Mild discomfort- A mild sedation is all that’s required. This means that the patient can stand up during the procedure to look in the mirror to see the result.
  • Natural smooth results – Patients are able to stand up during the Body Jet Liposuction procedure to allow for further fine-tuning of the treatment. Less bruising and swelling are also experienced when compared with the traditional methods.
  • Safer – Only a mild sedation is required for the procedure which means there is no need for general anaesthetic.

Body Jet Liposuction can assist with shaping the body by removing unwanted/excess fat from various areas around the body, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck. Although not a substitute for a weight loss program it’s excellent for helping remove stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to traditional weight-loss techniques.

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