We have all heard the terms; Liposuction, lipoplasty, liposculpture and lipectomy. Body sculpting at its best, Liposuction is the cosmetic means of surgically removing fat from the human body in places like the neck, flanks, abdomen, thighs, breast, chest or buttocks or from any other area where tissues of fat are in excess. Fat cells are permanently removed, (unlike non invasive methods of liposuctions where fat cells are reduced) meaning results are much more dramatic, and it will be much harder to put any fat back into the area of treatment.  Advancements in technology have made the Liposuction procedure become a minimally invasive surgical technique that shapes a certain part/s of the body, resulting in the body appearing more sculpted and in proportion.

Liposuction is NOT a weight loss program. It is for people who have been able to maintain a certain weight, and who lead a healthy lifestyle. It is important to be having Liposuction for the RIGHT reasons and that you are realistic about the results which you expect.

Liposuction is for the people who have those areas of fat that just won’t budge, no matter how low consumption your fat and carbs are in your diet, or no matter how many squats and cycle classes you do at the gym, IT JUST WONT BUDGE! This is generally caused by genetics and unfortunately, we cannot change this.

Liposuction can assist in providing you with a kick-start to a better, healthier lifestyle too.

Getting Liposuction is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. A decision should be made only after consultation with an experienced Liposuction expert, whose experience you can trust and has that eye for detail and aesthetics. Be sure to shop around and go with the doctor that you feel the most comfortable with, with proven results.

And for those who are worried about excess skin…not to worry! Liposuction can be combined with Laser Skin Tightening. The laser energy reacts with the deep layers of the skin where the collagen lies. Collagen is responsible for elasticity in the skin, and as we age or lose/gain a lot of weight, elasticity declines. The effects of the laser are to stimulate healthy collagen growth, thus helping the skin to retract and tighten. A positive is that this can be performed during the liposuction procedure. And results are continuously seen for 3 months! Laser skin tightening also assists in a permanent reduction in cellulite!

And then what? Enjoy the new YOU!