If you’ve admired male celebrities and sports stars shapely buttocks and tried to duplicate that look, you’ll know that diet and exercise is important. But what if a healthy diet and squats, lunges and leg presses don’t give you the desired result?

To achieve a masculine looking butt, more men are undergoing buttock enhancement surgery. While Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) are a popular surgical procedure for women, more men are having a buttock lift to create squarer and more muscular gluteal muscles. As an alternative to buttock implants, the benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic procedure for women and men include:

  • Aims to improve the shape, lift, and volume of the lower buttocks, which may vary depending on individual circumstances.
  • Enhancing the shape and contour of your buttock area.
  • Can potentially impact how clothes fit, though results vary among individuals.
  • May contribute to personal satisfaction with appearance, though experiences and outcomes can differ.

What Is Buttock Augmentation For Men?

Butt augmentation for men using Vaser Liposuction involves taking excess fat via a small incision from your thighs, abdomen and back. After going through a cleaning and purification cleaning process, this body fat is then injected into your buttocks. Because the Brazilian Butt Lift surgical procedure uses your own purified fat, you’ll achieve a more natural and precise look. By using fat injections, it can also reduce the risks of infection.

The gluteal augmentation cosmetic surgery is performed under conscious sedation or general anaesthetic while your fat is extracted using Vaser Liposuction. The results of a BBL can be noticed immediately with the best results seen once the swelling has subsided. This is usually 6 weeks after your BBL.

The goal of male buttock augmentation is to create a larger and stronger gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. The goal of female BBL plastic surgery is to create softer and rounder buttocks. The plastic surgery procedures for male BBL are different to female BBL. Our team of highly trained and experienced doctors avoid using fat injections into the sides of your body. Depending on your weight and body fat distribution, we may remove excess fat from your hips and lower back to create a more chiselled appearance. By using Vaser Liposuction as a fat transfer method instead of traditional liposuction, over 80% of your injected fat cells will survive.

Is there an alternative to male Brazilian Butt Lifts?

While butt implants can improve the shape of your gluteal region, butt implant surgeries using silicone implants aren’t without risk. The butt implants are usually made from solid silicone and create volume. Another gluteal augmentation procedure is to use injectables, a filler called Sculptra. This procedure can be done in an office and encourages your body to form more collagen but it can take a few sessions before you reach your desired results.

If you’re fed up with a flat butt and would like a more prominent and rounder butt, BBL may be appropriate for you. Good candidates for this type of cosmetic surgery are men who want to improve the definition and shape of their butt, and who have fat reserves in other areas of the body. Butt augmentation using fat transfer is a popular alternative to buttock implants using solid silicone.

Find out how Cosmos Aesthetics can help reshape your gluteus maximus. Simply send us a message online with a picture and your concerns.

What to Expect After a Brazilian Butt Lift

After your BBL plastic surgery it’s normal to feel tender in the treatment areas. Most male patients can resume their normal daily activities within a short period of time. The recovery time after your fat grafting procedure is usually between 5 to 7 days. Your doctor will usually inject slightly more fat than what is needed. This is because not all of the fat transferred will be taken in by your body. It’s important to note that after this plastic surgery, it’s normal to experience some bruising and swelling at the operation site.

After your Buttock Augmentation, you’ll need to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks full time, and then 3 weeks part time. Following the procedure, you’ll need to avoid sitting on your bottom for 2 weeks and avoid placing pressure on your gluteal muscles.

For 10 days after your BBL plastic surgery, you’ll need to take antibiotics. You’ll also need to attend our clinic for daily postoperative massages for the first week.

Where to get a Brazilian butt lift for men

If you’ve spent time working out and dieting but you’re still unhappy with your butt shape or asymmetry, our BBL surgical procedure may be for you. Using Vaser Liposuction, this plastic surgery contours flabby and loose skin, gives a better shape to your butt and can create a smaller waist.

Good candidates for male BBL include men who:

  • Have good health and be a non-smoker.
  • Are physically active.
  • Have realistic expectations about this cosmetic procedure.

Since 2010, Cosmos Aesthetics has performed over 3,000 Brazilian butt lift surgeries. In 2016 this body contouring plastic surgery became available for men.

At your BBL initial consultation they’ll:

  • Evaluate your medical history including any risk factors or pre-existing health conditions.
  • Discuss the BBL procedure and examine you.
  • Inform you of the likely outcomes of your Brazilian butt lift including side effects and how much downtime you’ll need to take.
  • Explain what the surgical procedure will be like including the anaesthesia used.

In some cases, you may choose to have additional Vaser Liposuction procedures at the same time that could include male tummy tuck liposuction or  calf contouring.

For additional information on various liposuction procedures, feel free to consult with our team at Cosmos Aesthetics.

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