While having children can be one of the most rewarding and magical experiences a woman can experience, the stress, hormonal changes, and weight gain associated with pregnancy can take their toll. Increasingly, women are turning to cosmetic medicine to turn back the clock, tone up, and resculpt their bodies after this big life change. But exactly what are the latest, safest, and most effective techniques available to mothers out there. Below we’ve listed just a few of the body sculpting and re-sculpting options now available to make over new mums.

Lumps and bumps

After giving birth, many women suffer from what is increasingly being called the ‘post-pregnancy paunch.’ This stubborn pocket of fat is often impossible to budge merely with diet and exercise. That’s why techniques such as cool sculpting and liquid liposuction can be highly effective.

Liquid Liposuction

Far more sophisticated and gentler than traditional liposuction, Liquid Liposuction is a technique that uses the force of water to break down fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. With far less pain or recovery than more outdated liposuction methods, most patients return to work within 1 to three days, and the results are no only smooth and natural looking, they are almost instant.

Sagging Areas

For most new mums, the elasticity of the skin in certain areas of the body can be greatly reduced after extensive stretching and depending on the age of the mother, this skin doesn’t always tighten back naturally. Luckily there is a new technique known as Bodytite or Laser Liposuction.

Bodytite Skin Tightening and Fat Removal

Created by trusted cosmetic technology company Invasix, Bodytite uses Radio Frequency energy deep under the skin’s surface to note only eliminate fat cells where they are causing the most trouble, but at the same time tightening the skin. With only a few small incisions and mild sedation, this technique creates long lasting results. Plus, because the fat is removed evenly and deep below the surface of the skin, these results are smooth and look totally natural.

Stretch Marks

Even once skin has been tightened, and excess fat pockets removed, there often remains the unsightly issue of post pregnancy marks. Luckily, modern technology allows trained cosmetic physicians to use highly targeted laser technology to treat these pesky discolorations.

One of the most tried and tested laser procedures for treating stretch marks uses what are known as fractional lasers. These lasers target tiny areas of the skin to stimulate these areas of skin to regrow, thereby creating new, unscarred or damaged cells. After several treatments, this fades and diminishes the appearance of a variety of blemishes, pigmentations and scar-related imperfections, including the appearance of stretch marks, by literally re-surfacing that area of skin.

Breast Lift

Finally, for many women, pregnancy and post-pregnancy can have a permanent impact on the appearance of the breasts. Luckily there are several options available for breast augmentation and breast reduction, from implants, to lifts.