Vaser Liposuction Canberra

Vaser Liposuction is an advanced form of liposuction for sculpting all areas of the body. It can trim inches around the tummy, love handles, arms, legs (inner thighs) and neck.


2-7 day recovery

Compression garments for 5-6 weeks


Results seen in 6 weeks

Results varies from patient to patient

Vaser Liposuction Recovery


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    We’re ready to answer any of your questions, call or ask us below



    Liposuction that Results in a Permanent Body Contouring in Sydney

    Patients can see a permanent improvement in body shape after Vaser Liposuction – fat is distributed more evenly as excess fat cells have been removed.

    Vaser Liposuction also has a skin-tightening effect thanks to its Vaser ultrasound technology. For patients who require more advanced skin-tightening and retraction, however, we recommend pairing Vaser Liposuction with our Renuvion Skin Tightening treatments.

    Subtle results may be achieved with non-surgical liposuction called CoolSculpting.

    Gentler than Liposuction for Fat Reduction and Skin-Tightening

    During Vaser Liposuction patients are normally placed under twilight sedation. Not using general anaesthetic reduces the chances of developing the complications normally associated with cosmetic surgery. (Note: general anaesthetic is available upon request).

    Vaser Liposuction involves making small incisions through which numbing solution is administered under the skin. The solution also acts as a medium for the high-energy ultrasound to break down stubborn fat.

    To hide any scarring from this surgical procedure, incisions are placed in discreet areas such as in the belly button or near the bikini line in the case of tummy liposuction.

    Next, a small ultrasound probe or cannula is inserted under the skin to dissolve the fat cells and make the suction process easier. Vaser Liposuction transforms the “brick” of fat into a soft material (much like melting a slab of butter) to facilitate the removal of fat.

    The main advantage of Vaser Liposuction is it allows for a more even removal of fat than with traditional liposuction. The numbing solution makes the fat under the skin more even and less likely to clump. The ultrasound energy also stimulates collagen production, promoting skin tightening in the treatment area. This results in smoother contours and prevents skin dimpling and sagging.

    To achieve the smoothest results possible, patients may be re-positioned or asked to stand up during the procedure. This allows the surgeon to assess and remove fat from different angles.

    Patients will be thoroughly assessed and fitted with a compression garment before being discharged. To promote a speedy recovery and prevent complications, patients will be monitored with regular follow-up appointments, including complimentary lymphatic drainage massage to reduce side-effects such as swelling.

    Over 15,000 Liposuction Procedures Performed In the Last 10 Years

    Cosmos Clinic is the number one provider of state-of-the-art liposuction treatments in Canberra. In fact, we were the first to acquire the new Vaser 2.0 in New South Wales and we currently have the most Vaser Liposuction devices in the world. This has allowed us to perform over 15,000 liposuction procedures in the last ten years across Australia. Cosmos Clinic cosmetic surgeons are renowned for body contouring – specifically for the popular liposuction procedures. Our doctors have been trained by top surgeons around the world, including Dr. Alfredo Hoyos (inventor of Vaser High Definition Liposuction) and Dr. Matlock (Beverly Hills, USA).

    Your initial Vaser Liposuction consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at our cosmetic clinic in Canberra, Australia.

    We are also proud to see many interstate as well as overseas patients each year at Cosmos Clinic. To ensure utmost professionalism and consistency, we have developed a set of procedures for our out-of-town patients. For those travelling to see us, we ask that you send images of the areas you wish to have treated, which Cosmos Clinic your prefer and where you are located. This will allow our staff to include all the necessary information as part of your personalised quote.

    The Recovery Process After the Vaser Lipo Procedure

    There is no overnight stay required with Vaser Liposuction. Since it’s performed under twilight sedation, all patients can return home the same day. Patients will leave the clinic with compression garments to help with the healing process, skin retraction and to minimise swelling. There may be fluid seepage for about 24 hours following the procedure. The compression garments are worn for three weeks full-time and then three weeks part-time. In most cases, the recovery from Vaser Liposuction is minimal, although some minor bruising may occur.

    Most patients can return to work in two to five days after treatment. Regular follow-up and lymphatic drainage massage is performed twice a week for two weeks to help in the recovery process. To optimise your recovery please become familiar with the following do’s of liposuction recovery:

    • Do wear your liposuction compression garments
    • Do maintain a healthy diet
    • Do listen to your body
    • Do take care of your surgical sites
    • Do attend post surgical check ups

    Most of the results become noticeable six weeks after your Vaser lipo procedure. At this point, photos are taken to assess your progress. The final results may not be apparent for 3–6 months post procedure. Strict adherence to the preoperative and postoperative instructions is necessary in order to achieve the best possible results.

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    *Results may vary from patient to patient.
    **All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

    What is Vaser Liposuction?

    Vaser Liposuction is an advanced method of body contouring and sculpting that involves removing excess fat from the body. Vaser stands for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance,” and it’s a gentler method than traditional liposuction.

    Vaser Liposuction uses an ultrasound probe that is inserted into the fat layer under the skin to melt and remove fat cells. Traditionally, liposuction techniques were less advanced and extracting the excess fat without melting it first was like sucking out a brick through a straw. This created more pain and trauma at the treatment site for the patient and a much longer recovery time.

    Vaser Liposuction is considerably different. It can be likened to transforming the brick of fat into melted butter – thus allowing the fat to be gently removed. The high energy from the ultrasound separates the fat cells from the fibrous tissue and blood vessels, transforming it into a liquid form. The ultrasound energy also promotes mild skin tightening by contracting the existing collagen fibres and stimulating the production of new collagen.

    What are the Advantages of Vaser Liposuction?

    Vaser Liposuction is a body contouring procedure with many benefits, including:

    • Quicker Recovery: Due to the gentle nature of the ultrasound, this form of liposuction is less traumatic and has less downtime for patients.
    • Skin Retraction: Ultrasonic energy promotes skin retraction, therefore tightening the skin and providing smooth contours.
    • Precision: Both small and large volumes of fat can be extracted from different areas of the body. This allows the surgeon to be more precise while sculpting muscle definition for high definition Vaser.
    • Fat Transfer: Fat tissue removed during the procedure is of high quality and can be used for fat grafting procedures on the same patient. (e.g. during a Brazilian Butt Lift or a buttock enhancement).
    • Safer and Minimally-Invasive: Vaser Liposuction is a safer, less invasive way of fat reduction, and can be done as a day procedure under twilight sedation. This prevents the complications of general anaesthesia and if necessary, allows the patients to stand up for a more precise liposuction treatment .
    • More Effective: More fat can be removed with this technique as compared to others as it melts the fat gently before it is suctioned out.

    Is a there Difference Between Vaser and Vaser High Definition?

    Vaser Liposuction shapes the body by getting rid of small to moderate areas of excess fat. It uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells first for easier removal. This results in a slimmer and more toned look to the body.

    Vaser High Definition Liposuction goes one step further. It’s liposuction surgery that removes fat from between and top of the muscles to make them appear ultra-defined and noticeable. It’s the ideal liposuction procedure to give smaller areas a more sculpted and athletic appearance. For example, High Def Vaser can precisely target small fat deposits in between the abdominal wall to create the appearance of the perfect “six pack.”

    The best candidates for Vaser High Definition Liposuction have healthy, strong skin, good skin tone, and can feel the muscles underneath the skin, when contracting.

    Is Vaser Liposuction Suitable for People with Large Amounts of Fat?

    Vaser Liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise; however, you can get rid of large amounts of weight with Mega Liposuction.

    Will the Skin Look Any Different After Vaser Liposuction?

    Vaser Liposuction stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers via the use of ultrasound heat energy. This allows the skin to retract – resulting in tighter, firmer skin. For more information and FAQs read our blog post.


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