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From Sparkling Powder and Seaweed to Anti-Wrinkle Topicals and LED Lights, Korea’s 2016 Beauty Trends

The Korean beauty industry is set to make another big impact in 2016 with a range of innovative ingredients and products to hit the market. Here’s our scoop on Korea’s 2016 beauty trends that are expected to dominate.
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10 Causes of Premature Ageing

No-one has ever opened their gratitude journal and written “I’m so grateful I have aged prematurely and look older than I am”. True story. So – it’s probably fair to assume premature ageing is something best avoided. It’s easier than you think. Here are the top ten causes and some strategies to avoid them. 1) […]
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Injections to Treat Obesity

It’s a terrible fact that 28% of Australians are obese – a figure that has doubled over the past two decades. Obesity is the third highest risk factor for death after smoking and high blood pressure and is attributable to many other fatal diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Failure and Stroke.
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The Right Age to Look Good

People used to say that we’re most attractive in our teens and twenties. Then the saying went around that “30 is the new 20”. While our lifestyle changes and our retiring age increases, what age should we feel most attractive?
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What Hughesy and Kate Would Look Like Over 60

Keen listeners tuning in to Nova FM’s breakfast show will hear Hughesy and Kate for the last time this month. The highly successful duo announced their decision to retire in September after being on Nova’s airwaves since 2001. To celebrate their accolades, our friend Lori-Ann decided to draft a photo of what Dave Hughes and […]
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Love Your Body

Everyone has a favourite part of their body they love, especially during the best of our years in our late teens and 20s. Our skin is smooth and full in volume and we are leaner with flat stomachs and virtually no cellulite.
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Wrinkles: Five Causes and Treatments

Our skin doesn’t lie and as more of us work harder during the week and play harder on the weekend, premature signs of ageing begin to show on our face. We can’t change the conditions we live in easily but with a number of modern treatments available, we can remove wrinkles.
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Part 2 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka

Last week we published part 1 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka. Below is the final part of the interview. We hope you enjoy the read.  Dr Oz ShareCare – as the only Australian Doctor on the panel:  what does that mean to you? Inspiring – amazing communicator and I try more to be […]
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Interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka

Dr Joseph Ajaka is the founder and Medical Director of Cosmos Clinic. One of Australia’s best known cosmetic surgeons, Dr Joseph Ajaka’s experience in the field of liposuction, anti wrinkle injections and facial rejuvenation treatments has led him to hold a number of titles including Allergan National Trainer as well as being the only Australia Doctor on Dr Oz’s Sharecare Panel.
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Anti Wrinkle Injections – 10 uses you didn’t know about

When we hear of the word Anti Wrinkle Injections, many of us think of removing those nasty lines around our face. While this is certainly true, here are some other cosmetic uses that you may have never heard about. In case you are interested, we have also included a link for more information to read up on, […]