Minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise and there is no indication of this trend slowing down. From dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to non-surgical facelifts, there is no shortage of ways you can rejuvenate your face and body.

The trend for non-surgical procedures and cosmetic surgery treatments with short recovery times is largely driven by a growing desire for instant results and minimal downtime. People want to resume their daily activities almost immediately and they don’t necessarily want to have to take extended leave from work or hideaway while their bruising and swelling goes down.

Here we share our predictions for the top most popular minimally invasive procedures for 2020.

1. Dermal fillers

If it’s instant gratification you’re after, dermal fillers are one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments. Dermal fillers allow for the rejuvenation and re-shaping of facial features without having to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery. By replacing lost volume in the face and skin, your cosmetic injector can help minimise ageing, sagging and wrinkles, giving you natural results.

Dermal Fillers can be used in a variety of areas including the lips, chin, cheeks, jawlines or forehead. They’re even being used to reshape people’s nose instead of surgical nose jobs. And the results of dermal fillers can be seen almost immediately.

2. Anti-wrinkle injectables

One of the growing cosmetic trends is anti-wrinkle injections that help make you visibly younger by blocking the nerve impulses that control muscle movement. Whether it’s frown lines, crows feet or laugh lines, these injectables are effective at relaxing the facial muscles and require no downtime.

This is a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedure with the injections lasting 3-6 months depending on the severity of your lines. Unlike some of the “frozen faced” celebrities and social media influencers, the aim of the treatment is to retain movement of the facial areas for a natural appearance.

3. J-Plasma Renuvion

Improving skin quality and sagging, J-Plasma Renuvion is one of the latest skin re-surfacing techniques used in the cosmetic surgery industry. It’s ideal for those patients who desire some skin tightening after weight loss, pregnancy or ageing and who don’t want (or need) to undergo invasive surgeries such as a tummy tuck.

J-Plasma is used in conjunction with Vaser Liposuction, a body contouring procedure. During the cosmetic treatment, patients are placed under twilight sedation – a less invasive approach to general anaesthetic procedures. The downtime is 2-7 days with results for most patients seen in as little as 6 weeks.

4. Non-surgical eye lift

Treating baggy eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes can drastically change a person’s facial appearance. It’s no wonder then this non-surgical cosmetic treatment makes it to our list of minimally invasive surgery trends for 2020.

This procedure is an alternative to traditional eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty which requires a scalpel or laser to remove the excess sagging tissue. A non-surgical eyelift instead uses a plasma device to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres. The same day procedure requires minimal downtime with final results seen in 2-4 weeks.

5. Broad Band Light Laser Treatment

Skin concerns are a common sight at Cosmos Aesthetics in particular pigmentation. Patients who have no luck with dermatologist-approved skincare treatments or chemical peels often turn to the Broad Band Light Laser Treatment. This minimally invasive treatment results in little to no discomfort and requires virtually no downtime.

The light energy from the Broad Band Light device heats “broken capillaries” and superficial “brown spots” improving the skin’s complexion. The procedure can take just a few minutes to half an hour depending on the treatment area and type of skin complaint. For optimal results, 3 laser treatments are recommended with 4-6 weeks in between each session.