For some women it’s a mere formality, but for many, their wedding is considered the happiest day of their lives. That’s why, most brides want to look as radiant as they feel, and why for many, cosmetic tweaks are no longer a flight of fancy, they are a must.

Planning Required

But just as with planning the reception, choosing the cake, making the guest lists, and selecting the flowers, ensuring you have the right doctor, and the right information on procedures should be your top priority. After all, with all eyes on the bride, you’re going to want to wow.

The Bridal Wish List

Some of the procedures that are becoming more and more commonplace for brides to be include Volume Enhancement Treatments, Anti Wrinkle, body contouring, breast augmentation and breast reduction. But just what is involved in these procedures, and how can they help you look your very best for the big day?

Volume Enhancement Treatments

While in the past, anti-ageing cosmetic procedures were limited to a few surgical procedures – procedures that involved general anaesthetic, surgery, and weeks to months of recovery time – with the miracle of Volume Enhancement Treatments, however, it is now possible to achieve better results with almost zero down time, and at a fraction of the expense.

Made up almost entirely of a substance which occurs totally naturally in the body, Volume Enhancement Treatments are injected into various portions of the face and body to plump, re-contour and lift sagging cheeks, sunken eyes, and literally fill out fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, mouth and eyes.

Anti Wrinkle

While Volume Enhancement Treatments can be used to freshen almost any area of the face, there are some deep wrinkles that are caused by not only a lack of collagen, but by over exercised muscles which cause the skin to crease. With a few carefully placed Wrinkle Reduction Treatments, these muscles can be relaxed, allowing the surrounding skin to smooth and de-wrinkle for up to three-four months at a time.

Body Contouring

In the past, many brides-to-be would undergo strict regimens of crash dieting, and excessive exercising only to reach their big day, none the slimmer! Unfortunately for many women (and men), there are often fatty deposits in the body, whether they include a post-pregnancy paunch, love handles, or as American Comedian Maria Bamford puts it, a ‘diet coke hump’, that traditional diet and exercise just won’t budge.


But if you’re willing to modify your eating and exercise habits, there is a simple non-invasive technique that will rid you of those extra lumps and bumps for good – and without the need for traditional liposuction. Named Coolsculpting, this Harvard tested technology, developed by renowned cosmetic technology company Zeltiq, targets the areas you want to budge with ultra-cool temperatures. After just one treatment, Coolsculpting literally freezes the fat cells in these trouble spots, allowing the body to eliminate these dead cells naturally over the coming weeks. Even better, it achieves all this without a scalpel in sight.

Breast Augmentation

Finally, for many women, a wedding is the excuse they’ve been waiting for to finally address a concern they have with their breasts. And whether you are looking to enhance, increase, or reduce her breasts, it is important that you give your full attention to finding the most qualified and experienced doctor that you can.