Volume Enhancement Treatments are a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that is growing in popularity amongst women and men of a variety of ages including those in their 30’s.

Australians spend more than $1 billion each year on cosmetic procedures, including $350 million of Wrinkle Reduction Treatments alone. The substantial increase in the interest of non-surgical cosmetic procedures has resulted in more clinics and beauty salons offering Volume Enhancement Treatment treatments at a variety of price points.

So what does a Volume Enhancement Treatment treatment in Melbourne cost and what are the dangers of just going by price alone?

The cost of Volume Enhancement Treatments in Melbourne

The overall cost of injectables is very much dependant on the individual and their needs. Determining how much it is going to cost to refine your jawline, treat nasolabial folds or pump up your lips will require a consultation with your chosen injector.

Most cosmetic clinics in Melbourne, including Cosmos Aesthetics, will charge Volume Enhancement Treatment injectables by the millilitre. Depending on the treatment plan and the targeted areas, you may only need the minimum amount of filler which is 1ml. Others may need up to 3mls and want to treat several different areas in the one session.

The costs of Volume Enhancement Treatments will also largely depend on who is administrating the injectables and the type of fillers used.

With this in mind, it is difficult to provide a definite Volume Enhancement Treatment cost. The cost of Volume Enhancement Treatment injections in Melbourne varies based on individual needs and the specific clinic. For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to consult directly with the clinic.

Hyaluronic acid Volume Enhancement Treatments at Cosmos Aesthetics in Melbourne start from $350.00. Discounts are provided for additional amounts of filler. The initial consult is charged between $120-150 and is redeemable should you choose to proceed with the treatment. It is after your initial consultation that you will know how many millilitres of filler is required and the cost based on the extent of the treatment areas.

The dangers of just going by price

One of the concerns with the surge in popularity of Volume Enhancement Treatments and Wrinkle Reduction Treatments is the growing number of sub-par injectors and poor quality injectables on the market.

While social gatherings involving cosmetic treatments might occur, it is crucial to prioritize safety and professionalism in all cosmetic procedures, including Volume Enhancement Treatments. More beauty salons and day spas are now offering facial fillers along with their standard menu of skin treatments. If you’re lucky the injectors may have done a weekend course, but most won’t have the level of training of a registered nurse or cosmetic physician.

While cosmetic injections can negate the need to go under the scalpel and endure a lengthy recovery time, they do come with their chance of side effects. Minor reactions such as bruising and redness are most common and tend to dissipate within a few hours. However, if administered incorrectly or using poor quality injectables there is a chance of more serious side effects.

Lumps, skin discolouration, severe and persistent swelling, allergic reaction, infection and blindness could occur after your Volume Enhancement Treatment or anti-wrinkle treatment.

Affordability is one of the attractions of these cosmetic treatments especially when compared to some of the more invasive rejuvenation procedures available, but it’s important to beware of a price that sounds too good to be true.

It’s not uncommon to see Melbourne businesses promote free consultations, Groupon deals and even ‘buy one and get one free’ Volume Enhancement Treatment treatments. However, if you are considering any cosmetic treatment for the results and safety, it’s important to look beyond price.