Excessively large breasts often come with a myriad of problems and discomforts. If your bust is on the extra-large end of the scale, you will be familiar with the struggle to find comfortable bras that fit and to find clothing that fits properly. Large breasts can affect self-confidence, even standing up straight causes self-consciousness and discomfort for some women. Large breasts often make exercising difficult and cause poor posture and back, neck and shoulder pain. Women with large breast are also predisposed to yeast infections beneath and between the breasts.

It’s no wonder that lots of women look to breast reduction surgery for a solution. Breast reduction surgery can greatly increase physical and psychological health and quality of life.

There are various forms of breast reduction surgery, but basically, there is open-surgery that involves different types of incisions and is more invasive, and there is breast reduction through liposuction.

Open surgery is more appropriate than liposuction breast reduction in some cases. Cosmos Clinic’s Dr Mitchell Kim in Gold Coast shares some insights into breast reduction in Gold Coast, here is a rough guide to liposuction breast reduction.

When is Lipo the Answer?

Breast reduction by liposuction is not suitable for all patients, but for those who are good candidates very satisfying results can be achieved. Here are some indications for when liposuction breast reduction is appropriate:

  • Breasts Contain a Large Amount of Fat

With breast reduction by liposuction, it is mostly fat that is removed from the breasts to achieve a reduction. If breasts have a lot more glandular tissue than fat, then liposuction will not be very effective. Dr Kim says, “ideal candidates are usually women older than 35 with fatty breasts, younger women tend to have more glandular breasts”. Younger women who are a little overweight could also have high breast fat content, and so would also be good candidates. A mammogram can determine the amount of fat in breasts.

  • Only Mild Sagging

If breasts have excessive sagging, then liposuction breast reduction will not fix this as only a moderate lift is achievable with lipo. Breasts that are particularly saggy tend to be of low fat content, making liposuction breast reduction even less viable.

  • Patient Has Realistic Expectations

Breast reduction by liposuction can decrease the size of breasts by about 1-2 cup sizes, sometimes more, depending on how much fat there is to remove. Elevation of the breasts also occurs due to the decreased weight, the elastic properties of the skin and suspensory ligaments in the breast, and skin tightening caused by heat produced from the ultrasound device during the procedure. Patients can also expect virtually no scarring. However, breast reduction by liposuction does not allow doctors to change the overall shape of breasts, so it is important that patients do not have unrealistic expectations about the look they will achieve after liposuction breast reduction.

  • Extended Anaesthesia is Not an Option

Liposuction breast reduction is indicative when it is not advisable for a woman to be under extended anaesthesia because of health reasons. This is usually only the case for older women. Luckily older women tend to have higher fat content in their breasts making them good candidates for liposuction breast reduction.

Who is Not a Good Candidate?

Not all women are good candidates for liposuction breast reduction. Some women will require traditional breast reduction surgery with large excisions and large scars. Women whose breasts contain more glandular tissue than fat tissue or those who want a significant change in the shape of their breasts are not good candidates for breast reduction by liposuction.

Women with very large breasts may not achieve the reduction they want with liposuction breast reduction either. This depends on the type of tissue within the breasts. If a patient needs an extreme reduction, they might be disappointed with the results of a liposuction breast reduction procedure.

Breast Reduction and Breast Cancer

Note that there is no correlation between breast surgery and breast cancer, and breast reduction could potentially decrease the likelihood of breast cancer occurrence as breast cancer is more common in larger breasts.

In instances of the existence of a breast lump, the mass must be evaluated with a mammogram and perhaps a biopsy. Breast reduction liposuction is not appropriate until it has been established that the likelihood of breast cancer is minimal.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, any breast surgery should be considered carefully; make sure you are well informed.

Calcifications that can be confused with evidence of breast cancer are not a common occurrence after liposuction breast reduction but are frequent after open-surgical methods.

Benefits of VASER Liposuction Breast Reduction

There are many advantages of breast reduction by liposuction and VASER liposuction offers additional benefits. Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast performs VASER liposuction breast reduction procedures regularly. Here are some advantages of liposuction breast reduction for women who are deemed suitable candidates:

  • Little to No Scarring

Breast Reduction Scars are very tiny, Only be a very small incision is made at the side of each breast near the armpit, and these small scares usually disappear after a few months.

  • Breast Reduction and Lift

With VASER liposuction, also known as ultrasound assisted liposuction, heat is omitted from the cannula (the tool used for the procedure). The heat causes the skin to contract which results in a moderate but noticeable lift of the breast.

  • Minimal Trauma to Breast Tissue

Liposuction removes only fatty tissue without damaging the glandular tissue that is responsible for milk production. This means that breastfeeding is usually possible after this procedure.  The lack of calcifications detected in mammograms after liposuction breast reduction in comparison to traditional surgical methods (as mentioned above) is also evidence that trauma to breast tissue is minimal with liposuction breast reduction. Dr Kim explains that patients need only mild pain relief for about 4-7 days.

  • Lower Breast Reduction Cost

Liposuction breast reduction is a much simpler procedure and tends to be less expensive than open surgery.

  • Breast Reduction Recovery Time Is Shorter

Breast reduction by liposuction is much less invasive than open-surgery with results in a rapid recovery. Most patients are able to return to work and normal activities within two to four days after surgery.

  • Smooth Results

Vaser liposuction is very effective at breaking down the fat tissue making it easier to suck out and helping doctors to achieve a very smooth result.

  • Low Risk

Traditional surgical breast reduction is associated with a higher rate of complications than breast reduction by liposuction. If compression garments are used as directed by the doctor any bruising or swelling usually resolves itself quickly.

Interestingly, VASER liposuction can also be useful for women who want to increase their breast size. Used in a procedure known as breast fat transfer by which VASER liposuction is used to remove fat from other parts of the body so that it can be injected into the breast to increase their size. This procedure is only available at Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at liposuction breast reduction, and be sure to check out some before and after pictures.