Mummy Tummy Liposuction

Quick facts

Mummy Tummy Liposuction is for post-pregnancy women who have reasonable skin quality and fat quantity

  • Performed using Vaser Liposuction which allows for skin tightening and is a more efficient fat removal technique than traditional liposuction

  • Performed under conscious sedation, general anaesthetic is an option

  • 3 – 5 days off work usually required

  • Tiny scars in comparison to a Tummy Tuck

  • Results generally seen at 6 weeks and in some cases up to 6 months. Results may vary

  • Costs start from $4,400

  • *Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

Minimally Invasive

Costs start from $4,400

Results seen at 6 weeks

Before and after

*Results may vary from patient to patient.

** All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

Mummy Tummy Liposuction


Mummy Tummy Liposuction prices vary depending on your overall situation and expectations. For more information, read here.

As a guide:

  • Mummy Tummy Liposuction prices start from $4,400
  • Initial consultation is between $150 – $220


  • What is Mummy Tummy Liposuction?
    • Dubbed “Mummy Tummy Magic” because of its popularity as a post-pregnancy procedure, this treatment involves the use of Vaser Liposuction to remove fat and tighten skin. The Vaser energy heats up the all-important “collagen fibres” causing them to instantaneously contract resulting in a tightening effect on the tummy.

      Liposuction on the tummy area is a ‘walk in walk out’ procedure designed to flatten, tighten and produce a more contoured stomach through cosmetic surgery.

      Mummy Tummy Liposuction using Vaser Liposuction may be a suitable treatment alternative to having an abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck). As well as decreased surgery times, you are not left with a hip-to-hip scar that is typical of a traditional Tummy Tuck.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for Mummy Tummy Liposuction?
    • Women with reasonable skin, that is, not excessive amounts of loose skin, and little to no muscle separation.

      It is best to see our Doctors assess your situation to determine if Mummy Tummy Liposuction is suitable for you.

  • What is the difference between a Tummy Tuck and Vaser Liposuction? And how do I know which is best for me?
    • For most patients, Tummy Liposuction alone is sufficient to correct the problem of excess skin and may present a better option for some patients than Abdominoplasty. Not only is the procedure less invasive and less traumatic than a traditional Tummy Tuck, Tummy Liposuction requires fewer incisions, leaves less scarring and does not cause displacement of the belly button.

      The procedure is performed under conscious sedation, minimising all associated risks and side effects, allowing for a rapid recovery time.

      Below outlines the main differences:

      Large scar across the abdomen Tiny scars
      Best for excessive loose skin Will tighten moderately loose skin
      General Anaesthesia Conscious Sedation
      Prolonged recovery (1 Month) Quick recovery (1 week)
      Tummy area only Can treat whole body
      Will repair muscle separation Will not help muscle separation
      Cost: From $12,000-$16,000 Cost: From $4,400



  • What can I expect after Mummy Tummy Liposuction?
    • You will be able to return home the same day. You will be fitted into a compression garment which must be worn for up to 6 weeks, which assists in the healing process.

      The procedure requires a light sedation and a local anaesthetic with most patients requiring 3 to 5 days off work.

      On returning home, you will not be bed-ridden and we encourage you to move about.

      You can expect some fluid seepage for approximately 24 hours post procedure.

      Post operative lymphatic massages are an important part of recovery and achieving optimal results and you will be required to attend the clinic for regular massages for a few weeks.

      Everyone heals differently. You know your body best and we encourage you listen to it and give yourself time to heal properly. Normal daily activities can be returned to the day after the procedure , however vigorous activities such as intense exercise or sports for around 2 to 3 weeks.

      To optimise your recovery process, become familiar with the do’s of Liposuction recovery:

      • Do wear your liposuction compression garments
      • Do maintain a healthy diet
      • Do listen to your body
      • Do take care of your surgical sites
      • Do attend post surgical check ups
  • Do the fat cells come back?
    • The actual number of fat cells in a persons body remains stable during your lifetime. Unless we become grossly obese you do not grow more fat cells after adolescence. When the fat cells are removed by liposuction it is very difficult to gain fat back in those areas. The definition of the muscle will remain even if you put weight on, your fat will be evenly distributed after liposuction. These findings were published in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The full report can be read here.

      For more information see Fat Facts After Liposuction

  • Results. What and when can I expect them?
    • Most patients see the results at around 6 weeks. These will continue to improve over the next 3 – 12 months with a considerable improvement in the overall skin quality.


  • Are there any risks of complications?
    • Studies have shown that Vaser technology has less complications compared to other UAL methods.

      There are inherent risks and complications as there are with any surgery. You should be aware of the potential risks and discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor before your surgery is performed.

  • Which clinics can I undertake Mummy Tummy Liposuction?
    • Your initial Mummy Tummy Liposuction consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast

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