The impact a future pregnancy can have on liposuction results is a concern for many women. Will it ruin my results? What happens if I experience weight gain during my pregnancy? Will liposuction affect me getting pregnant?

It’s common for most women to experience some level of excess fat deposits and loose skin after pregnancy. While every woman is different, the contouring results of liposuction will remain regardless of the weight gain. However, some struggle to shed the baby weight or experience significant loose excess skin despite adhering to a healthy diet and exercising regularly. In this case, post-pregnancy liposuction procedures may be a solution.

We answer some of the common questions asked by our clients in relation to pregnancy and liposuction.

What happens to my liposuction results if I gain weight during pregnancy?

Pregnancy often comes with some general weight gain around certain areas of the body. Once the baby is born, many women lose the weight they gained in the first year. However, every woman is different; the amount of weight gained, where fat deposits, where you lose the weight and at what stage the weight comes off will differ from one woman to the next.

This will greatly depend on your predisposition, hormones, breastfeeding, diet and exercise. However, no matter how much weight you gain during pregnancy, you won’t carry the weight in the areas treated with liposuction the same way.

While some body contouring effects of the liposuction may persist, significant weight gain, including that from pregnancy, can alter these results. The extent of change depends on individual factors such as weight gain distribution and skin elasticity.

Liposuction techniques like Vaser Liposuction aim to reduce fat cells in targeted areas. However, it is important to understand that while the number of fat cells in the treated area may be reduced, existing fat cells can still enlarge with weight gain.

It’s important to note, significant weight gain, whether due to pregnancy or an unhealthy lifestyle, can affect your liposuction results as any fat cells that do remain in the treated areas can increase in size. If you maintain a balanced, healthy diet and exercise after your cosmetic procedure than you can enjoy the outcomes of liposuction for the foreseeable future.

Can liposuction interfere with my ability to get pregnant?

Liposuction surgery does not affect fertility and therefore, will not affect your ability to get pregnant. It’s also not a conception barrier, so if you’re not planning children after liposuction, contraception methods are recommended.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction via liposuction?

While the vast majority of women can breastfeed, a small number of mothers are incapable of breastfeeding whether or not they’ve had a breast reduction using liposuction.

Research shows the main reason for the inability to breastfeed is associated with poor milk production and the main reason for not attempting to breastfeed is due to psychosocial factors. Liposuction is not typically associated with an inability to breastfeed. However, it’s important to note as with any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, there are no guarantees.

Compared with other breast reduction methods, liposuction itself has reduced risks as the cosmetic procedure does not damage the milk ducts or breast tissue. A mammoplasty performed by a doctor, on the other hand, may lead to increased risks of damage to the ducting as it repositions the skin, nipple and tissue.

Besides a couple of very small incisions to allow the thin cannula that removes fat to enter the breast, the liposuction procedure does not involve significant surgical cutting.

How soon after pregnancy can I get liposuction?

There is no set time period before you can undergo a liposuction treatment after pregnancy. However, it is advised you take time to allow your body to recover and enjoy motherhood before you commit to any cosmetic surgery procedure. We also recommend you consult obstetrician or GP before any invasive treatment.

After pregnancy, your body will experience hormonal changes as well as fluid and weight fluctuations. Life with a newborn is hectic, and physically and emotionally demanding which can impact your ability to recover from a surgical procedure. You also may find diet and exercise after pregnancy enables you to return to a healthy weight without any cosmetic treatment.

Can liposuction help with my loose skin post-pregnancy?

Every women’s pregnancy is unique with the body responding in different ways. Some may carry a greater volume in their belly than others. You may gain more weight or less. Your breasts may expand cup size significantly or handly at all. Your body may respond differently from one pregnancy to the next. With this in mind, it’s very difficult to predict how you’ll bounce back after your pregnancy.

What we do know is that many women struggle with loose skin post-pregnancy, particularly if they’ve carried a bigger than average baby or experienced a large amount of weight gain. These women may consider a tummy tuck or liposuction to address the sagging skin and improve skin elasticity.

For some women, Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion skin tightening technology may be the ideal solution. Performed in conjunction with Vaser Liposuction, this method uses plasma and radiofrequency energy to gently heat the soft tissue and tighten the skin. This enhances the effects of liposuction and treats the troublesome areas where the skin hasn’t bounced back.

What is a Mummy Makeover?

A ‘Mummy Makeover’ is a term used for a combination of cosmetic procedures that may be considered after pregnancy. These procedures should be thought of as options after evaluating the effectiveness of diet and physical activity in addressing post-pregnancy body changes.

Mummy Tummy Liposuction is just one of the more popular cosmetic surgery treatments of the makeover involving the use of Vaser Liposuction. Some cosmetic or doctors may also suggest a breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction or stretch mark treatments as part of the ‘Mummy Makeover’ depending on the goals of the client.

Good candidates for Mummy Tummy Liposuction are those women with reasonable skin quality and who have little to no muscle separation. You will be able to return home to your family on the same day and will be fitted with a compression garment that can assist in the healing process. You’ll also be required to attend post-operative lymphatic massages just as you would after any liposuction procedure.

While your liposuction results aren’t going to be the focus of your pregnancy, you can be rest assured your body contouring results will still be there after you’ve given birth. However, many women experience natural changes in their body post-pregnancy and as a result, they chose to delay liposuction until after pregnancy. It may take a little longer than anticipated to lose weight or feel yourself again, but be patient with your body as it recovers and enjoy the joys of motherhood.

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