Feeling like your buttocks is lacking in size or shape? Notice its sagging with age and less perky than your younger years? Maybe you’ve just been inspired after watching our mini-series “From BOTCHED to BOOTY-FUL”?

We hear you. These are just some of the reasons women and men frequently enquire about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

BBL cosmetic surgery is an effective way to increase the amount of fat in your buttocks as well as perform body contouring to enhance your overall lower body shape. By using a patient’s own fat, not only can a BBL address the lack in size or shape, but it can also help to remove some of the excess fat you’ve been carrying around and shape your figure.

A recent BBL showing how the procedure can be used to enhance the shape and create perfect proportions

A recent BBL showing how the procedure can be used to enhance the shape and create perfect proportions

But what makes a good candidate for the butt augmentation procedure?

Contrary to popular opinion, a BBL good candidate isn’t just about wanting the final results to mimic the curvaceous Full or Enhanced butt. What’s more important is creating a buttock that is in proportion and enhances your body shape, while ensuring your health and wellbeing isn’t compromised.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Here we share with you 11 factors that may help to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

  1. You believe your buttocks needs more shape and definition.
  2. You are open-minded and willing to take on the advice of your doctor as to what is achievable and suitable for your individual proportions and body type.
  3. You have excess fat in other areas of your body; namely the abdomen, thighs, love handles and lower back, for the fat transfer. If not, you are committed to gaining excess weight in a healthy manner to have enough fat to be extracted via Liposuction.
  4. You have good skin integrity with some, but not excessive, sagging in the lower buttocks area.
  5. You are in good health with no existing medical conditions that could interfere or be worsened by the surgical procedure.
  6. You have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with a BBL procedure and the risks involved.
  7. You are committed to wearing compression garments, however unattractive, and attending the follow-up and lymphatic drainages to ensure optimal recovery and results.
  8. You understand the BBL can help to enhance your appearance, but won’t turn your life around or fix all of your insecurities.
  9. You are a nonsmoker or willing to quit several months for your buttock augmentation to reduce surgical complications and improve your recovery.
  10. You are willing to refrain from drinking alcohol in the weeks leading up to your BBL to avoid complications in surgery and post-op.
  11. You have tried unsuccessfully to add volume and a shapelier contour to your buttocks through diet and exercise.

Sounds like you are a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

At your initial consultation with the Cosmos Aesthetics team, the above criteria will be discussed in addition to the BBL surgery itself. Together, your goals will be discussed to ensure your expectations are realistic for the type of procedure and that you’re an ideal candidate. You can find out more about BBL cosmetic surgery here.