Brazilian Butt Lift Gold Coast

Enhance the shape of the buttocks with a popular treatment called the Brazilian Butt Lift. BBL has replaced the more invasive silicone buttock implant by using your own fat to create a fuller, rounder and more shapely bottom.

Same day procedure

10-14 days off work


Results seen in 6 weeks

Results varies from patient to patient

A Guide to Brazilian Butt Lifts


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    We’re ready to answer any of your questions, call or ask us below



    Brazilian Butt Lift in Gold Coast

    In a Brazilian Butt Lift, your own fat is removed using Vaser Liposuction from another area of the body, such as tummy or thighs, before it’s purified and carefully re-injected into your butt (a technique called fat transfer or fat grafting).

    Genetics, ageing and weight loss are just some factors why your bottom may not be as shapely or perky as you’d like. Fortunately, we can contour, sculpt and enhance your butt’s appearance with our BBL surgical procedures here at Cosmos Clinic.

    Another reason to choose Cosmos for your Brazilian Butt Lift is our years of experience (we’ve performed over 4,000 butt lifts). We also offer our patients the most advanced buttock augmentation and contouring techniques. In fact, our fat transfer success rate has jumped from 50 to 80 percent in part due to a gentler liposuction device called VASER.1

    Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift in Gold Coast, Australia

    If you wish to enhance your physique and achieve fuller, perkier, more shapely buttocks, buttock augmentation can help you attain natural-looking results. Here are some of the top benefits of a Brazilian Buttock Lift:

    • Total body enhancement: BBL uses liposuction to remove fat from donor sites, meaning that it can be utilised as an additional contouring tool to slim areas like the love handles and abdomen, helping to showcase the buttocks by making them stand out even more.
    • Customisable to your cosmetic goals: Once the donor fat is removed from the body, it is purified and injected into the buttocks. To achieve your desired amount of fullness, we can customise the amount of fat injected.
    • Reduced risk of tissue ejection: BBL is performed via an autologous fat transfer, meaning that your own fat cells are used, rather than foreign materials. This reduces the risk of allergic reaction or rejection of an implanted material.
    • Long-lasting results: Within six months of the procedure, the transferred fat will have settled into your buttocks. Expect to enjoy these results for years to come, knowing that your new behind is made completely of your own natural fat.

    Our Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes

    At Cosmos Clinic, our Brazilian Butt Lift patients usually desire one of three butt shapes. We refer to these as the Sports Illustrated, the Beyoncé and the Kim Kardashian. Whether you’re after a more round and voluptuous bottom or something a bit more athletic, our doctors can customise your BBL to achieve your desired figure.

    Small – Sports Illustrated

    Our Sports Illustrated BBL is perfect for women who are reasonably slim and fit. This shape requires only a small amount of fat to be transferred mostly into the upper third of the buttock and can fill out hip dips to give patients a perkier, rounded bottom.

    Medium – Beyoncé

    Take things a step further with our Beyoncé BBL. This shape creates a rounder, more voluminous booty by transferring the fat into the upper and middle thirds of the buttock, and is ideal for women with naturally wide hips, a “heart-shaped” bottom and enough fat to transfer.

    Large – Kim Kardashian

    If you’re looking for lots of volume and a large degree of projection, you may be suitable for our largest BBL shape: the Kim Kardashian. To achieve this shape, we focus the fat transfer on the lower and middle areas of the buttocks. Final results for this shape are typically dependent on the ratio of buttock size to waist measurements.

    Unsure which shape will work best for you? Your BBL doctor will discuss which options will best suit your body shape during a consultation.

    The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

    Your Brazilian Buttock Lift will be performed under local anaesthesia, however, a general anaesthetic is available on request. Once sedated, your BBL doctor will perform the following four-step process:

    1. Harvesting fat: Your doctor will make a small incision in the donor area, usually the tummy, love handles, lower back or thighs. Through this incision, your doctor will use a cannula to suction out the fat.
    2. Purifying fat: Your doctor will select the most viable fat cells and prepare them to be re-injected into the buttocks.
    3. Fat grafting: Your doctor will then use a cannula to transfer the fat into the buttocks. Once complete, your incisions will be closed, and a compression garment will be applied to the operated skin.

    What to expect during your BBL recovery

    Immediately after BBL surgery, your bottom will be somewhat swollen and may look much bigger than you expected. This is normal – since only around 80 percent of the transferred fat cells survive, we usually inject more fat than needed.1 In the following weeks, you will begin to more accurately see the true shape and size of your enhanced bottom.

    In the days after the procedure, you may experience some pain and discomfort, however, you can manage this with prescribed medication. You may notice fluid seeping from your incision points – this is totally normal and will stop after a few days.

    You should expect to take between 10 and 14 days off from work after your buttock augmentation procedure. You will also need to avoid sitting directly on your butt for two weeks to prevent disrupting blood circulation in the treated area. If you must sit, make sure to use an inflatable or doughnut-shaped pillow to reduce pressure on the buttocks.

    To minimise swelling and help the skin retract, you will need to wear a compression garment for several weeks at the liposuction sites. Additionally, you should avoid any strenuous exercise for the first month after surgery, especially anything that requires bouncing.

    How much does Brazilian Butt Lift surgery cost in Gold Coast?

    At Cosmos Clinic, we know that cost plays a huge factor in our patient’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. However, this procedure does not fit a one price fits all strategy. The cost of Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on factors such as:

    • Doctor’s fee: This is the fee your doctor charges to perform the procedure and can vary depending on the patient’s body type, the complexity of the procedure and the areas of the body liposuctioned.
    • Hospital fees: This will typically comprise of the time spent in the operating theatre and the time required to recover from anaesthesia.
    • Anaesthetist’s fee: This is the fee your anaesthetist charges to administer your anaesthetic and is determined by their qualifications and experience. If you opt for a general anaesthetic instead of a local, your costs will increase.

    At Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast, our Brazilian Butt Lift procedures start at $7,700, however, your final costs will be determined by the factors mentioned above. To receive a more accurate quote, please organise a consultation with our doctors.

    *Results may vary from patient to patient.
    **All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

    Is there a difference between Brazilian Butt Lift and buttock implants?

    Yes. A Brazilian Butt Lift augments the buttocks using your own fat, while buttock implants improve size and shape by placing silicone implants through an incision in the buttock crease. However, Brazilian Buttock Lift is increasingly gaining popularity because it is regarded as a safer method that provides more natural-looking results, even more so when in the hands of a specially trained liposuction expert.

    Of course, buttock implants still have a place in aesthetic medicine, especially if you are thin and don’t have enough autologous fat for a transfer. If you are thinking about buttock implants, keep in mind risks such as capsular contracture, implant movement and an increased risk of infection.

    Am I a candidate for Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery?

    Buttock augmentation is ideal for women and men looking for a more contoured bottom without using implants. If you fit the following criteria, you may be a suitable candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery:

    • You have realistic expectations regarding what can be achieved with BBL surgery
    • You are in good physical and mental health
    • You have good skin tone around the buttocks
    • You are at a stable, healthy weight
    • You have enough fat stores to harvest and transfer
    • You are a non-smoker, or you are willing to quit smoking before and after surgery

    The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for a Brazilian Buttock Lift is to meet with our doctors for a consultation at Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast.

    How do I prepare for buttock augmentation surgery?

    During your consultation at Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast, your BBL doctor will give you specific pre-operative instructions. If you smoke, you will need to stop at least two weeks prior to surgery, as smoking can increase surgical complications and slow healing times. Additionally, your doctor may ask that you avoid certain medications and supplements that could cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery. We also suggest that you take steps before surgery to prepare for your recovery. This may include filling any required prescriptions, purchasing some comfortable clothing, preparing some healthy meals and arranging for someone to pick you up from the hospital and assist with tasks at home for a few days.

    What kind of liposuction do you use to remove the fat?

    We use Vaser Liposuction for all of our liposuction procedures at Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast. Vaser represents the latest advancement in surgical liposuction and uses ultrasound waves to dissolve and liquefy the donor fat. This makes it easier for your doctor to remove the fat cells from the body, providing better results with less disruption to the body than traditional liposuction.

    Will I feel any pain during my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

    Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery is performed under sedation and local anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Any discomfort or pain you may experience during your recovery can be alleviated with medications prescribed by your doctor.

    How long does Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery take?

    Your BBL will likely take between two and four hours to complete, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be transferred to achieve your desired goals.

    Where does the donor fat come from?

    The ideal liposuction site varies from patient to patient, depending on where you have enough excess fat available to harvest. Common donor sites include the abdomen, hips, back and thighs. Your Brazilian Butt Lift doctor will help determine where you have an appropriate amount of excess fat during your consultation at Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast.

    How much fat will survive the transfer process?

    The amount of fat that survives the transfer process will depend on various factors. Most importantly, your doctor should keep the suction pressure used to liposuction out the fat low to minimise trauma and increase the chance of fat survival. At Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast, we use Vaser Liposuction for our BBL procedures, the survival rate of fat of over 80 percent.1

    There are also steps the patient should take to ensure optimal fat survival. For example, wearing your compression garments, avoiding placing direct pressure on the buttocks and maintaining a stable weight.

    Why can’t I sit after my buttock augmentation?

    During your Brazilian Buttock Lift augmentation, you must give the newly transferred fat cells the best chance of establishing a blood supply. As such, to preserve the fat cells, you will need to avoid putting any direct pressure on your butt for several weeks, which means you should not sit down, lie on your back or drive. This is critical to achieving long-lasting results, as sitting directly on your bottom can impact blood circulation in the area. Reduced blood circulation may destroy the fat cells transferred to the buttocks and negatively impact your results. If you must sit, be sure to use a BBL pillow or sit forward on your thighs.

    When will I see my Brazilian Buttock Lift results?

    Immediately after your Brazilian Butt Lift, you will notice an improvement in the volume and shape of your buttocks. However, this is mainly due to post-operative swelling, and your new bottom will become more prominent as this subsides. You can expect your full results to appear between six and eight weeks after surgery.

    How long will my results last?

    You can expect your Brazilian Buttock Lift results to last for years to come, provided that you adhere to the following advice recommended by your doctor:

    • Ensure you wear your compression garments as prescribed
    • Avoid sitting on your butt for the first two weeks following surgery
    • Maintain a stable weight, as major weight fluctuations can alter your results
    • Do not smoke after surgery, as smoking can hinder the blood circulation that’s essential to establish a blood supply to your new fat cells
    • Eat a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and carbs

    Will I have scars after my buttock augmentation?

    Scarring is an inevitable part of any cosmetic surgery, however significant scarring after a Brazilian Buttock Lift is rare. This is because the incisions required to insert the cannulas into both the liposuction site and transfer site are only small and placed in locations easily hidden.

    Can I still get a Brazilian Butt Lift if I don’t have much fat elsewhere on the body?

    If you are naturally thin and don’t have enough fat to transfer to the buttocks, there are alternative options. Your first option is to gain weight until you have enough fat to remove. If you cannot gain weight, we can refer you to a specialist for buttock implants. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that a Brazilian Butt Lift does provide more natural results and has a lower risk of infection.

    What are the risks and side effects of BBL surgery?

    Every cosmetic procedure has risks, including Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. However, our doctors at Cosmos Clinic focus on liposuction and fa transfers and have performed thousands of procedures on the Gold Coast without incident. Some of the potential side effects you may experience after buttock augmentation include:

    • Pain and aching
    • Bruising and bleeding
    • Persistent swelling
    • Asymmetry
    • Poor scarring
    • Infection
    • Skin discolouration
    • Fluid accumulation under the skin
    • Changes in skin sensation
    • Death of fat cells, meaning further surgery may be required
    • Fat embolism in the heart or lungs


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