The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure (BBL) is one of our most popular treatments at Cosmos Aesthetics. But one of the things we get asked about the most about beyond the final results is recovery. 

In this video, Dr Joseph Ajaka gives you the rundown on the BBL recovery after your cosmetic surgery and answers the most common questions we get asked. 

1. Do I need to wear a compression garment?

Yes, after your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery you will be put into a compression garment. This garment is tightly fitted and features open panels in the buttock area to avoid putting pressure on the fat cells the cosmetic practitioner has injected.

To ensure optimal final results and speed up the recovery time, we advise you to wear the compression garment full time for 3 weeks. This should be followed by wearing the garment 3 weeks on a part-time basis. 

When removing the compression garment to shower, Dr Ajaka recommends you lie down for 10-15 minutes to avoid fainting. He also suggests you make sure the water isn’t too warm so as not to affect the fat transfer. 

2. How do I sit after having BBL surgery?

After your BBL surgery, we recommend you position a cushion under your thighs and allow your buttocks to overhang for the first two weeks post-op. This can help to avoid pressure on your buttocks during the recovery process. While there are BBL pillows on the market, a small cushion that provides you with enough support should suffice. 

After this period, we recommended restricted sitting where you’re sitting forward, putting the weight on your thighs rather than your buttocks. Sitting in this position can be continued during the recovery period for up to six weeks.

3. What position should I sleep in after having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Please, don’t sleep on your side after your BBL surgery. This puts pressure on the fat cells we injected into the side and the blood circulation to these areas of the body is relatively poor. This can affect the end results of your buttock augmentation.

The most comfortable and ideal position to sleep after your BBL surgery is on a 45-degree angle as seen in the video. In this position, the weight is on your thighs and the sides and buttock areas which received the fat transfer are free of any pressure. 

If preferred, you could also sleep on your stomach with your arms by your side. You may, however, notice some swelling of the hands, feet and face especially after your first evening post-op. 

While it’s not the most ideal position, you can sleep on your back. We recommend you avoid this until 2-3 weeks after your BBL surgery so it does not affect your final results. 

4. Do I need to have the lymphatic drainage massages?

The lymphatic drainage massages are a very important step in your BBL recovery. They can help the healing process and improve your final results. 

The lymphatic drainage massages help to move the fluid out of the area and reduce the swelling. This can also help to improve any discomfort experienced during your Brazilian Butt Lift recovery. We strongly advise you to attend all your lymphatic drainage massage appointments to support the recovery process and improve the long-lasting results of your BBL surgery. 

All the post-surgery care information will be discussed with you and given to you in your care package along with information about medications and any possible complications. 

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