Whether you’re struggling with excess belly fat, budging love handles or a double chin, CoolSculpting may be a great option for you.

CoolSculpting is one of the more popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments offered at Cosmos Aesthetics in Adelaide. Not only is it effective at removing stubborn pockets of fat, but it also can treat a variety of different problem areas.

What fat cells are targeted during a CoolSculpting treatment?

There are two types of fat tissue: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is made up of fat cells that surround your internal organs. It’s not visible from the outside, meaning you can look slim but have a lot of visceral fat. As visceral fat is located so closely to your organs, it is associated with a number of serious diseases and health issues.

Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is the jiggly fat that sits just under the skin’s surface. While everyone has some level of subcutaneous fat, lifestyle factors like diet and physical activity as well as genetics will impact how much subcutaneous fat you carry. While this type of fat may affect your appearance and dress size, subcutaneous fat is normally considered harmless. However, having an increase in this fat can be a sign of large amounts of visceral fat.

The CoolSculpting procedure focuses on subcutaneous fat reduction as the fat freezing technology can’t reach the dense visceral fat that’s located much deeper in the body. So, if you have areas such as your tummy or love handles where you can grab or pinch the unwanted fat, this is subcutaneous fat. These are ideal treated areas for CoolSculpting.

What areas of the body can be treated using CoolSculpting?

There are several areas of the body CoolSculpting can treat that are FDA-cleared and have been found very responsive to the fat freezing treatment. To be an ideal candidate for the fat reduction procedure, you’ll need to have enough excess fat cells in the treated areas that haven’t shifted with healthy lifestyle measures such as diet and exercise.

Starting from the top of the body, here are some of the popular treatment areas for this effective non-invasive procedure offered at Cosmos Aesthetics, Adelaide.


One of the benefits of CoolSculpting is that the applicator can be used to reach some tricky areas where excess fat cells can accumulate like the jawline. Fat reduction in this area can contour the overall shape of the face and define your profile.


CoolSculpting can be effective at removing the dreaded ‘double chin’ that has developed due to weight gain, aging or genetics. Like with the jawline, removing targeted fat in this area can have a significant impact on your facial appearance as well as highlight your neckline.

Upper Arms:

Targeting the excess fat cells in the triceps is one of the most common requests. Stubborn fat here, also affectionately known as ‘bingo wings’ or ‘bye-bye arms’ with the fat freezing treatment can help to make your arms appear slimmer and toned.

Bra Line:

It’s not uncommon for even very slim people to complain about pockets of fat spilling out under their bra or bikini line. Fat cells that extend under the arm to the back often persists even after experiencing weight loss. CoolSculpting fat from this area can provide a smooth, sculpted look that matches the rest of your body.


The tummy region is one of the most common areas to be treated with CoolSculpting for both women and men. It’s relatively easy for stubborn fat to accumulate even with a healthy lifestyle. Factors such as diet, medications, pregnancy, hormones, sedentary lifestyles are all contributing factors for stubborn fat bulges around the tummy. It’s also one of the more challenging areas to loose the excess fat cells quickly.

CoolSculpting can effectively reduce the fat in this targeted area by up to 30% allowing clients to achieve a flatter stomach that is in more proportion with the rest of their body.

Love handles:

It’s very common for stubborn fat to accumulate around the waist and hip area. Similarly to the abdomen, losing weight in this area can be difficult. However, this non-surgical fat-reduction treatment is highly effective in this area with patients body shapes being transformed once the fat is eliminated.

Back Fat:

Back fat can build up over time as you age and it can be compounded by the fact that your muscles may be beginning to sag or weaken. It is more common for fat bulges to appear in the lower back due to the close location to your abdomen and hips.


While the thighs tend to have a large amount of muscle, excess fat cells can increase in size in this area. Removing fat, particularly from the inner thighs is becoming a more common request from patients seeking CoolSculpting. No doubt this has been influenced by the desire for the ‘thigh gap’ and a more toned, athletic physique.


Curvaceous bottoms have become highly desirable thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. It’s resulted in a rise in the number of people undergoing Liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift to increase the size of their derriere.

However, a sagging bum or one that has fat accumulated in the lower bottom isn’t a trending look. It’s common for women, particularly after pregnancy, to have excess fat build-up in this area. While exercise and a healthy diet can help to reduce the fat here and create a stronger more toned bottom, CoolSculpting can help make it in proportion with the rest of the figure and help you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Beneath the Buttocks:

Known as ‘Banana rolls’, stubborn pockets of fat building up under the buttocks can benefit from the CoolSculpting treatment. Fat reduction from this area can help to create smoother curves and contour your body shape without the need for more invasive treatments. Not only can this enhance the shape of your buttocks, but it can also improve the contours of your thighs.