While Anti Wrinkle Injections have become the whipping boy for the cosmetic surgery industry’s detractors, the fact is that this medical miracle is finding new and potentially life-saving applications every day.


Well known for its anti-aging properties, Anti Wrinkle Injections have become a one-stop cosmetic solution for men and women around the world. Capable of relaxing specific muscles in the face and body with pinpoint accuracy, Anti Wrinkle Injections have the ability to smooth crease brows, relax crows’ feet, turn up the sides of sour-looking lips, and reduce the appearance of prominent jawlines.

But while this muscle relaxant has spared many women and men from ever needing to visit the doctor’s operating theatre, it has many non-cosmetic applications that are giving the product an increasing cache among traditional medical circles.

Excessive Sweating

While most of us sweat, for some of us, sweating is much more than an ‘annoying fact of life’, it is a potentially chronic life-impacting condition known as Hyperhidrosis: The need for constant tissues and paper towels, the embarrassment at work and with friends, and constantly having the appearance of looking nervous or puffed. But while these sound like potentially trivial complaints, day in and day out they can have a serious psychological impact on the sufferer.

While there have been many treatments attempted to curb excessive sweating one of the most successful and least invasive of these ever discovered has been Anti Wrinkle Injections & Muscle Relaxants. Acting to disrupt the production process of the sweat glands, Anti Wrinkle Injections also create almost immediate results for suffers and without highly invasive and potentially dangerous surgery.


Migraine sufferers often spend years looking for the perfect solution to their pain. From meditation to painkillers to psychological techniques, there are a plethora of recommended solutions to the problem. Luckily, however, many have found an end to their search in Anti Wrinkle Injections. And it’s been scientifically proven. It seems that using a technique, which injects patients at key points in the back and sides of the head, sufferers of ocular and imploding headaches often experience drastic reduction in the frequency of their headaches. The way these injects work is by targeting the pain receptors, such as the trigeminal nerve, and killing the pain at its source.

Though, like with excessive sweating, not everyone who uses Anti Wrinkle Injections for their migraine will eliminate their headaches, many physicians now have patients for whom the muscle relaxant is the only thing that has given them lasting migraine relief.


Incontinence is no laughing matter, and with a large percentage of men and women suffering from the condition, any potential remedy is welcome. Happily, last month, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Anti Wrinkle Injections to treat incontinence in patients suffering from neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

The way this works is that for many with neurological disorders, the bladder becomes overactive, making it difficult for it to store urine. With a carefully injected Muscle Relaxant, however, this relaxes the area, allowing far greater muscle control and far less incontinence.

The future

Incontinence marks the seventh condition that Anti Wrinkle Injections have been approved to treat since the muscle relaxant was released on the market in 2002. So while everyone won’t always agree on its application as a cosmetic solution, it is undeniably a useful, and, in many cases, life-saving gift to medical science.