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A non surgical nose job using dermal fillers is a cosmetic procedure that can aesthetically augment the shape of the nose, improving imperfections such as asymmetry or bumps. The advantage of using injectables like dermal fillers to perform rhinoplasty is that various undesirable traits of the nose can be dramatically improved or camouflaged with a simple treatment. There's no need for general anaesthetic and the downtime is very minimal. Additionally, when performed by an experienced injector, the procedure can take less than an hour, typically taking only 20 to 30 minutes to produce instant and satisfactory results.

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    An instantly improved nose without surgery using dermal fillers in Adelaide

    A nose reshaping procedure is a minimally invasive treatment that can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose shape. Dermal fillers can correct a crooked nose, mask bumps or indentations and create a more overall balanced profile. Some patients may choose to have non surgical rhinoplasty alongside a non surgical facelift and anti wrinkle injections for even more striking results.

    Many patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that evening out the nasal hump with nose filler can make it appear smaller, when the nose size has not been surgically changed. No matter the aesthetic concern that patients wish to address, dermal filler can be precisely applied to reshape and refine the nose. Read our blog on how a nose enhancement made a positive impact on Lisa Kudrow, famously known as Phoebe from the sitcom Friends.

    Some reasons that patients will consider a non surgical rhinoplasty include:

    • Flat bridge correction: To create a slight height increase, dermal fillers can be applied to the necessary areas
    • Symmetry correction: A deviated or crooked nose, nose hump, or even the nasal tip, can be balanced with dermal fillers to create symmetry
    • Camouflage: A bump or hook on the bridge of the nose can be hidden with hyaluronic acid dermal filler
    • Create Balance: The size of the nose can be made more balanced in comparison with other facial features
    • Shape refinement: A doctor may recommend dermal fillers to hide minor imperfections following rhinoplasty
    • Other minor concerns: Dermal fillers can achieve improvement when addressing various aesthetic concerns

    *Results may vary from patient to patient.
    **All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.


    Visible nose aesthetics improvement without the need for surgery

    Dermal fillers can precisely address aesthetic concerns such as asymmetry, bumps or indentations, and a flat nose bridge. After a topical numbing cream is applied, the hyaluronic acid dermal filler will be injected into the deeper layer of the skin in the nose called the perichondrium or the periosteum layers, and shaped to create the desired appearance. The simple and effective procedure will only take 20 to 30 minutes to perform, and will produce instant results.

    Patients will experience minimal downtime, and will be able to resume daily activities after the procedure, enjoying their results straight away. Nose job procedures using dermal filler are associated with less risks and costs than traditional surgical rhinoplasty, and provide long-term results than can last for 18 to 24 months. Once the filler has dissolved, patients can refresh their results with another treatment, maintaining their new nose.

    Non surgical rhinoplasty costs in Adelaide

    Non surgical nose job prices will vary from patient to patient, as costs are dependent on your overall situation and expectations. Generally, costs will change due to the amount of dermal filler that will need to be used for your treatment, and the amount will depend on your customised treatment needs.

    Non-surgical rhinoplasty will be less expensive than a traditional surgical nose job, but will need additional treatments to maintain results in the long term, typically every one to two years, depending on how fast your dermal filler dissolves. This will also vary from person to person, as the rate at which the dermal filler dissolves depends on how the body metabolises the hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

    As a guide:

    Cost starts from $700

    The initial consultation with a cosmetic doctor or nurse injector is between $120 – $330, and will be redeemable upon treatment

    The best way to receive an accurate quote that is tailored to your personal treatment goals is to book a consultation at Cosmos Clinic Adelaide, where you can discuss how much dermal filler you will need with your nurse or doctor.


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    Good candidates for an injectable rhinoplasty

    Suitable candidates are those who want to see an improvement to their nose shape, conceal bumps or indentations, or create a more symmetrical nose. A non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers is a quick, painless, and precise procedure as only a small amount of dermal filler is used at a time, in conjunction with a fine needle and topical numbing cream.

    The procedure is also suitable for patients who are hesitant to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty, due to the costs, procedure time, recovery time, and permanent results. A dermal filler nose job allows the patient to return to daily activities afterwards thanks to the minimal downtime needed, and produces long-term results, maintainable with an additional treatment at approximately one to two years after the first treatment.

    Suitable candidates may also include those who have had a surgical nose job in the past and would like to make further improvements or slight changes with dermal filler.

    However, some patients may benefit from other treatments, for example if they are prone to allergic reactions to certain medications or have a nose structure that dermal fillers may not specifically improve. A nose with a very high dorsal hump may benefit more from surgical methods, as adding dermal filler may increase the overall nose size. During your initial consultation at Cosmos Clinic Adelaide, your doctor or nurse will assess your individual features and treatment goals and will recommend a procedure that is perfect for you.

    Dermal filler nose job procedure recovery

    Non-surgical nose job procedure recovery is minimal as patients may notice some minor swelling, bruising, or tenderness, which will subside soon after treatment. Patients can resume daily activities after the procedure. Your Cosmos Clinic Adelaide doctor or nurse will give you some detailed instructions to follow so that you can care for your new nose after your procedure. Some recovery instructions or recommendations may include:

    • Keep swelling down and help bruising subside by applying cold compress, such as an ice pack, to the treated area
    • Manage swelling or bruising by applying topical creams
    • Wait 24 hours to resume your usual skincare and makeup routine
    • Avoid wearing eyeglasses for about 48 hours, if possible, to avoid applying any pressure to the nose
    • Wait 48 hours after the procedure to resume any strenuous exercise routine to allow bruising to subside faster
    • Stay out of the sun and avoid heated areas like saunas for about one week
    • Avoid pressing down on the nose to ensure that you do not apply too much pressure to the nose area

    Cosmos Adelaide, non surgical rhinoplasty model 03 Non-surgical nose job with dermal filler risks and complications

    The chance of side effects will come with any procedure, so it is crucial to choose an experienced clinic with a highly trained team for your injectable rhinoplasty procedure, as knowledgeable doctors and nurses know how to minimise risks.

    Minor swelling, bruising, or a feeling of tenderness can be experienced after the procedure, but these mild symptoms will subside quite quickly. Very rarely, dermal fillers can affect the blood vessels in the nose, leading to further complications. Cosmos Clinic Adelaide has a team of nurses and doctors that strive to provide patients with the best results possible while minimising the chance of unwanted side effects.

    When is an injectable nose job a better option than a surgical rhinoplasty?

    Injectable rhinoplasty can be a more suitable procedure than surgery for patients with minor aesthetic concerns such as bumps or indentations, asymmetry, or a flat nose bridge. Since dermal fillers can be applied precisely, smaller imperfections can be addressed in fine detail, producing effective results without the need for surgical changes.

    If patients wish to avoid the costs, procedure time, downtime, and risks that are involved with traditional surgical rhinoplasty, a non-surgical injectable nose job procedure can provide just as satisfactory results that are maintainable in the long term.

    What do the benefits of a nose job procedure with dermal fillers include?

    Injectable rhinoplasty procedures can bring asymmetry and balance to a patient’s face, as it can camouflage bumps and indentations and reshape the nose as desired. The process of adding dermal fillers can even make the nose appear smaller, as noticeable bumps are concealed. The procedure is quick, simple, and pain-free, and provides patients with instantly visable results.

    Thanks to the minimal downtime, patients can continue with their usual daily routine after undergoing the procedure, with just minor swelling or bruising, if mild symptoms occur. Results are long lasting as filler will stay in the body for 18 to 24 months and can be refreshed with an additional treatment. This is particularly advantageous for those who are hesitant to have a surgical rhinoplasty procedure due to permanent results.

    Will I need more than one injectable rhinoplasty treatment?

    If patients would like to maintain results, an additional procedure will be needed after about 18 to 24 months. This is because the dermal filler will be naturally metabolised by the body, and the rate at which this happens will vary from person to person.

    Will a dermal filler nose reshaping procedure leave scars?

    Non-surgical nose reshaping procedures using dermal filler do not usually create any scarring. Only small injections are needed, using small amounts of filler at a time. On the rare chance that scarring does occur, it would be on the inside of the nostril, which is a concealed area. Our nurses and doctors will always strive to create scar-free results.

    When will my results become noticeable?

    Injectable rhinoplasty procedures with dermal fillers provide instant results that can be enjoyed as soon as patients leave the clinic. However, if any bruising or swelling needs to reduce, it may mean that final results will become much more noticeable after about ten days or a couple of weeks, depending on how long these mild symptoms take to subside.


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