Today more men are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery than ever before, and it’s no surprise why. With advancement in technologies, cosmetic procedures are creating better and more natural looking results than we’ve been able to achieve in the past. Men are more confident their treatments will be subtle and they won’t walk out of the clinic looking like a Ken doll.

Why the rise in popularity? We’ve identified two main reasons men seek out cosmetic surgery. Firstly, there is a growing desire to look fit, vital and healthy. Secondly, men are wanting to enhance their appearance to keep at the top of their game in the workforce. From rhinoplasty to liposuction, men are more conscious of the role physical appearance plays in their personal and professional lives.

But when they’re in our consulting rooms, what do men really ask for? Here’s five things men tend to ask us when discussing their cosmetic surgery.

A good-looking physique

A growing number of men are investing more in improving their physique over treating their facial features. Cosmetic procedures for the face on the other hand, are far more popular amongst women.

Body contouring technology such as CoolSculpting and Vaser High Definition Liposuction, have attracted men due to their ability to remove fat and provide definition. Areas of the body men commonly ask to target include stomach, chest, arms and back.

The pressures for men to have a ‘banging body’ is high greatly thanks to the media and movie industries. But many men don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym, or can structure their lifestyle to maintain their muscular physique. Cosmetic surgery is giving men the opportunity to take their fit body to the next level.

Quick treatments and a speedy recovery

It’s safe to say, a large majority of men have a thrill for speed and when it comes to cosmetic surgery, that’s no exception.

One of the common concerns for men is how long the procedure will take and the time they’ll need to recover.   Non-surgical procedures such as CoolSculpting can be completed within an hour, with patients able to spend most of that time working on their laptop or reading. With only very mild discomfort experienced, the patient is able to resume their daily activities immediately.

Limited amount of pain

They may be tough on the exterior, but when it comes to pain, a man’s tolerance is a lot less than women! The majority of men always want to discuss the pain, and tend to be more attracted to the minimally invasive treatments.

A younger, natural look

Subtle results have become more important to our male clients than ever before. While it’s much more socially acceptable for men to have cosmetic surgery, they still don’t want to look as though they have been under the knife.

Whether they’re opting for a non-surgical or surgical treatment, the majority of men are seeking a natural and younger look. Men want to look fit and healthy. They want to improve upon their existing looks, not come out of our clinic looking plastic. The advancement in cosmetic procedures now give both men and women the chance to opt for subtle results.

To have more hair

There is no shortage of men looking to find a solution for their hair loss. For many men, hair is just as important as it is for women in making them feel young, vital, and attractive.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a popular procedure amongst men which is designed to treat hair loss by promoting the growth of thicker hair. This cosmetic procedure has gained popularity because not only does it gain natural results, it’s also relatively pain free with little downtime.