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Aim to address stubborn fat and may assist in skin firming through an advanced method of liposuction. At Cosmos Aesthetics, we offer neck liposuction using Vaser technology as an effective solution to double chins and turkey necks. Patients who have a higher amount of loose skin on the neck that needs more tightening than what can be achieved with Vaser ultrasound energy can undergo the iGuide Neck Lift in addition to the neck liposuction procedure.
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    Am I a good candidate for a neck lift with liposuction?

    Am I a good candidate for a neck lift with liposuction?

    If you’re physically healthy but struggling with stubborn fat and mild skin laxity under the chin, then you may be a good candidate for this procedure. You may want to consider neck lift surgery if you’re older or have considerable skin sagging and volume loss in the face and neck. Another option is to add the iGuide Neck Lift to your Vaser neck liposuction procedure if you have more loose skin to tighten.

    Suitable candidates for neck liposuction can include patients who:

    • Want to remove excess fat and sagging skin on the neck
    • Have good skin elasticity
    • Are physically and mentally healthy
    • Hold realistic expectations for the neck liposuction results
    • Will follow healthy exercise and diet habits following the procedure

    The best way to determine if you are suitable for neck liposuction is to book a consultation at Cosmos Aesthetics.

    How is the neck lift with liposuction performed?

    The neck liposuction procedure with Vaser involves inserting a very thin probe under the skin to liquefy fat cells and stimulate skin tightening using ultrasound technology. The broken down fatty deposits are then gently removed using power assisted liposuction.

    The Vaser neck lift with liposuction is a gentler procedure than traditional liposuction methods as the process of liquifying fat cells before removal prevents damage to the surrounding tissues in the treated area. Since patients are not placed under general anaesthesia, medications and local anaesthetic are given to control pain and discomfort, and to help patients relax during treatment.

    The procedure can take about one hour, depending on the amount of fat that is being removed, which will differ for each patient. The iGuide Neck Lift can be performed with the Vaser neck lift with liposuction procedure for those who have more excess skin to tighten.

    What to expect after the procedure

    It’s normal to experience some swelling and possible bruising after treatment. Overall the downtime is minimal and patients can return to work after one week (strenuous exercise should be avoided for a few weeks). You’ll be required to wear a compression garment immediately after surgery to minimise swelling, promote blood circulation, as well as to assist with the healing process. The compression garment should be worn for three days full time and seven days part time to help produce the best results. The results of the procedure are visible at 6-12 weeks of recovery.

    Patients will be able to return home on the day of the procedure and can manage any pain or discomfort with prescribed medication. Patients will also be given personalised recovery instructions to support their recovery process, which will include to:

    • Wear a liposuction compression garment for three days full time and seven days part time
    • Care for your surgical sites to avoid irritation or infection
    • Maintain a healthy diet
    • Listen to your body and get plenty of rest
    • Attend post-surgical check-ups

    How much does the neck liposuction procedure cost in Melbourne?

    The costs of a neck liposuction procedure with Vaser will be different for each patient as the procedure is tailored to the needs of each individual. The costs of the neck lift with liposuction will depend on the:

    • Patient’s body type
    • Type of anaesthesia used
    • Amount of fat removed
    • Time spent in surgery

    The cost of neck liposuction procedures varies based on individual factors. A detailed quote can be provided during a consultation, and the initial consultation fee will be between $150 to $200. If the iGuide Neck Lift is included in the procedure, costs can be expected to start at $7,000.

    If patients want to treat other areas of the face at the same time, such as undergo a chin and neck liposuction procedure, the total procedure costs will be higher.

    Ultimately, the best way to calculate your individual procedure costs is to have a consultation with one of our experienced doctors at our Cosmos Aesthetics.

    Neck lift model 03, Cosmos Aesthetics Melbourne How long will the procedure results last?

    Liposuction produces permanent results as the removed fat cells cannot grow back. However, extreme fluctuations in weight can cause swelling of the remaining fat cells, which can interfere with the results in the long term. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good, nutritious, and balanced diet and exercising regularly will help you to support your results. As for the skin tightening process, Vaser can significantly prolong the skin ageing process, however it cannot stop it entirely, meaning that signs of ageing such as skin laxity can still show in the later years of life.

    What is the difference between neck lift with liposuction and neck lift?

    A neck lift with liposuction focuses on non-invasive removal of excess fat with some tightening of mild to moderate skin laxity. A neck lift is cosmetic surgery with a longer recovery time and higher risk for complications. Unlike the former which is a non-surgical procedure that can be done under twilight sedation, a neck lift requires cutting and removing sagging skin and tightening the muscles around the neck and chin. This type of surgery has weeks of recovery and downtime.

    What if I have a neck lift with liposuction and my skin is still saggy?

    If you’re not happy with the level of skin retraction following your non-invasive VASER neck liposuction, there are other options available (both surgical and non-surgical). It’s best to allow 6-12 weeks for any swelling and scar tissue to subside before discussing other treatments with your doctor.

    What are the risks and complications?

    Since the neck liposuction procedure with Vaser is considered to be less invasive than traditional liposuction methods, the risks are quite minor. However, all procedures can be associated with some complications. The risks of a neck liposuction procedure include:

    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Numbness
    • Bruising
    • Bleeding
    • Scarring
    • Infection
    • Temporary nerve injury
    • Skin irregularities
    • Contour irregularities

    How is neck liposuction different from body liposuction?

    Liposuction performed on the neck uses the same Vaser ultrasound-powered method that is used on the body. One difference that is an advantage to those who are only seeking neck liposuction is that the procedure is associated with a shorter recovery time, as less fat is typically removed than with liposuction procedures that are performed on the body. Additionally, swelling subsides faster, since the neck sits above the heart.

    What are some preparation instructions that I should follow?

    Generally, patients are asked to avoid certain medications and supplements that can slow down the healing process during recovery for a specified amount of time before the procedure date. We recommend buying loose clothing that will be comfortable to wear during your recovery and will not irritate your neck, as well as organise your transport home from the procedure ahead of time. For more detailed preparation instructions, you will be provided with personalised information on how to best prepare for your neck lift and neck liposuction procedure during your consultation.

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