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Target unwanted fat and tighten the skin on the neck with the state-of-the-art Vaser liposuction, using a gentler, less invasive method than alternative liposuction options. Cosmos Aesthetics Adelaide offers patients a neck liposuction procedure that can remove the appearance of a turkey neck or a double chin. To assist in the tightening of moderate amounts of loose skin, the iGuide Neck Lift can be added to the Vaser neck liposuction procedure.
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    Why choose neck liposuction at Cosmos Aesthetics Adelaide?

    This minimally-invasive procedure is one option to consider for those concerned with excess fat and skin around the neck. Furthermore, the treatment only takes one hour and is performed while you’re conscious and under twilight sedation. Because patients are not placed under general anesthesia, there are fewer complications than with traditional liposuction or neck lift surgery.

    Who is the best candidate for a neck lift with liposuction?

    The ideal candidate is someone is who is physically healthy with stubborn fat and mild skin laxity under the chin and around the jawline. Older patients, or those who have more loose skin and a higher amount of volume loss, may need a face lift or a surgical neck lift.

    Suitable candidates for a neck lift with neck liposuction:

    • Want to remove excess fat and tighten skin around the neck
    • Have good skin elasticity
    • Are in good health both physically and mentally
    • Have realistic expectations
    • Will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle after recovery

    Before you can undergo your procedure, your suitability will need to be determined by one of our experienced doctors during your consultation as Cosmos Aesthetics Adelaide.

    How is the neck liposuction procedure performed?

    On the day of your procedure, you’ll be given twilight sedation and local anaesthesia to help you relax and to control any pain and discomfort. General anaesthesia is an option for those who prefer.

    First, a small incision will be made under the chin and an ultrasound probe will be inserted to break down the fat tissue and tighten surrounding tissue. The liquefied fat cells will then be removed using power assisted liposuction. Melting the stubborn fat cells before removal creates a gentler fat removal method than traditional liposuction, as it prevents the surrounding tissues in the treatment area from harm. If more skin tightening is necessary, you can include iGuide Neck Lift in your procedure.

    The procedure will take about one hour, depending on each patients’ individual needs, such as the amount of fat being removed and if iGuide is included.

    Neck liposuction recovery

    It is normal to experience some swelling and bruising in the treated area after your procedure, and this will subside during recovery. To help minimise swelling, promote blood circulation and support the body’s healing process, you will be instructed to wear a facial compression garment. Generally, patients will only need to take one week off work or usual daily activities, avoiding strenuous exercise for three weeks.

    The results of the procedure can be noticeable at about six to 12 weeks of the recovery process as swelling subsides and the skin begins to tighten.

    Each patient will be supplied with their own list of recovery instructions during the initial consultation. As a guide, these can include:

    • Wear the liposuction compression garment. You will need to wear this for three days full time and seven days part time
    • Take care of your surgical sites as instructed. You will need to avoid itching or picking at the incision sites and keep them clean to avoid irritation or infection
    • Eat a healthy, balanced diet and stay hydrated
    • Listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, make sure you get plenty of rest
    • Manage pain with prescribed medication, if needed
    • Attend your post-surgical check-ups to ensure that you are recovering well

    Adelaide neck lift, model 03, Cosmos Aesthetics How much does neck lift cost in Adelaide?

    The cost of neck liposuction procedures varies based on individual factors. A detailed quote can be provided during a consultation, with the initial consultation fee at $150 to $200.

    Since the Vaser neck liposuction procedure is personalised and patients have the option to add iGuide Neck Lift or treat additional areas for a more intense change (such as by undergoing a chin and neck liposuction procedure), costs will vary from patient to patient.

    Costs depend on:

    • Body type
    • Anaesthesia type
    • Amount of fat being removed
    • Total procedure time
    • If adding iGuide Neck Lift (Starts at $7,000)
    • If treating additional areas (Each area will be added to the costs)

    It can be hard to closely estimate your costs before having a consultation. We recommend booking your Cosmos Aesthetics Adelaide consultation today to receive a personalised quote and begin preparing for your procedure.

    What are the risks and complications of neck liposuction?

    The risks of neck liposuction using Vaser technology are lower than traditional liposuction methods, however, all procedures carry some form of risk.  The associated risks and complications of the procedure are:

    • Pain, numbness, swelling or bruising that will subside during recovery
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Temporary nerve injury in the treated area
    • Contour irregularities
    • Skin irregularities on the treated area
    • Scarring

    Will a neck lift with Vaser still work for me if I have lost a lot of weight?

    Yes, the neck lift with liposuction procedure can still be right for you if you have lost a high volume of weight. Your suitability for the procedure will depend on the amount of loose skin on your neck. Patients who have an excessive amount of loose skin may be better suited to a surgical neck lift. Patients who have a moderate amount of excess skin can be suitable for Vaser, and although the skin was stretched by weight gain, Vaser can still achieve an effective level of skin contracture and tighten the area sufficiently.

    When can I return to my regular exercise routine?

    You should wait at least two weeks after surgery before resuming vigorous physical activity. Exercise such as weight training and sprinting can increase your blood pressure, leading to high blood pressure, bleeding and swelling, all of which can slow down your recovery process.

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