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Vaser liposuction technology is one of the methods available for targeting fat in the mid to lower face, including the jowls. The Vaser liposuction technique uses ultrasound to target fat cells, and the process may also affect collagen fibers in the skin. Cosmos Aesthetics Canberra offers face liposuction as a less invasive alternative to a traditional facelift.
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    Stubborn facial fat is removed after being melted with ultrasound technology, allowing for a gentle removal

    Our experienced team at Cosmos Aesthetics Canberra use the advanced Vaser liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the facial areas.

    Creating a comfortable procedure with local anaesthesia and twilight sedation, the Vaser face liposuction is a gentler alternative to a surgical facelift, requiring smaller incisions. The small ultrasound probe is inserted and moved back and forth, heating the targeted fat to 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. As the fat cells break down, the collagen fibres in the skin are contracted, which prompts the skin-tightening effect. The melted fat is then removed with a cannula, before the incisions are closed.

    The high-tech procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes, before patients can return straight home.

    Benefits of Vaser face liposuction

    • Gentler method of liposuction than traditional procedures
    • Tightens the skin while breaking down fat cells
    • Less invasive than surgical facelifts
    • Minimal recovery time
    • Boosts collagen production for anti-aging benefits

    Locations available

    Who is a good candidate for face liposuction?

    If you want to remove stubborn fat from your mid to lower face, such as saggy jowls, you might be suitable for treatment with Vaser face liposuction. The procedure can be a good alternative to a more invasive facelift. Ultimately, having a consultation at our Canberra clinic will determine if you are suitable for the procedure.

    If you fit the following criteria, you may be a good candidate for face liposuction:

    • You are physically and mentally healthy
    • You have good skin elasticity
    • You are a non-smoker, or you are willing to quit for two weeks before and after facial liposuction
    • You have realistic expectations
    • You are prepared to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain good results

    Face liposuction costs at Cosmos Aesthetics Canberra

    Facial liposuction costs will vary from patient to patient, as each procedure is personalised based on personal treatment goals and individual characteristics. The high-tech nature of the Vaser equipment can also be reflected in the price, as our doctors need to undergo the required training to use the advanced technology.

    Procedure costs are from $5,500

    Consultation fees are between $120 to $330

    To get a personalised quote, you can book a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced doctors at out Canberra clinic. A treatment plan can be tailored to you, with consideration to your personal features and your desired outcome of the procedure.

    Costs are based on:

    • The anaesthesia fees
    • Your treatment areas
    • The amount of fat in the treatment area
    • Your body type
    • The total time of the procedure

    You can treat other areas of your body at the same time as your face with Vaser liposuction. Other areas you might want to treat are the stomach, thighs, arms, and more. If this is an option that you want to consider, you can discuss it with your doctor during your consultation. The additional treatment areas will increase the costs, however, treating more than one area at once can save costs in the long run, if you are wishing to treat multiple areas. Adding more treatment areas will extend your recovery time, but this can be a more efficient option that undergoing separate procedures to target each area individually.

    Patients sometimes travel to Cosmos Aesthetics Canberra from interstate or overseas. If you will be travelling to our clinic for treatment, please get in touch via our contact form at the bottom of this page. Stating your location, your desired treatment areas, and your desired results, along with pictures of the areas, can help us create a personalised quote and provide toy with the information that you will need moving forward.

    Face liposuction recovery

    Your recovery period after Vaser face liposuction can be much shorter and easier than when recovering from a traditional and more invasive facelift. You can return home after your procedure and any pain that you may experience should be manageable with prescription medication. Pain should subside during your first week of recovery, after which you can return to your usual daily tasks.

    To support your recovery, you might be asked to:

    • To wear a compression garment full time for one week, then at just night for two weeks
    • To clean and care for your surgical sites
    • To stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet
    • To try to sleep with your head elevated on extra pillows for two weeks, as resting with you head elevated can reduce swelling
    • To avoid using harsh chemicals in your hair, such as hair dye or bleach
    • To attend check-up appointments while you recover

    Side effects and complications

    Face liposuction at Cosmos Aesthetics Canberra is performed with Vaser technology, which is associated with less risks and complications than traditional liposuction thanks to the ultra-modern, gentle method. However, any procedure will still have risks and potential side effects. One of our doctors can explain these risks in further detail during your consultation and give you some preparation and recovery instructions that can help you prevent complications.

    Side effects and risks can involve:

    • Pain, swelling, or numbness in the treated area
    • Bleeding from incision sites
    • Bruising on the treated area
    • Facial asymmetry
    • Skin irregularities
    • Scarring from the incisions
    • Nausea

    What allows Vaser technology to tighten the skin?

    Vaser tightens the skin using ultrasound technology, as the generated heat will contract collagen fibres in the treated area.

    Does the treatment produce fast results?

    You will be able to see your initial results immediately following your procedure, but the appearance of swelling will need to fade before you can see your complete results. Usually, your final results can take about six months to show, while the skin simultaneously tightens.

    Will facial liposuction create a permanent change?

    Face lipo will permanently remove the fat in the treated area. That being said, if significant weight is gained after the procedure, the remaining fat cells can still expand. To ensure that your results are completely permanent, you should follow a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. A Vaser facelift can also stimulate collagen production, which can create age-rewinding effects, but the natural aging process will still continue over time. To help boost the health of your skin, we recommend following a good skincare routine and implementing some quality anti-aging skincare products.

    Why can saggy jowls show up as we age?

    With age, collagen production becomes slower, causing skin laxity. At the same time, the neck muscles can weaken and the fat in the cheeks can begin to sink down towards the neck. Over time, this creates the appearance of saggy jowls, that can be treated with Vaser lower face liposuction.

    Is facial liposuction the same procedure as it is when performed on other parts of the body?

    Yes, face liposuction is the same as liposuction that is performed on the body, with one difference being that facial liposuction typically involves the removal of less fat.

    How can I get prepared for my procedure?

    Your doctor will give you personalised preparation instructions, tailored to your treatment plan. To prepare, you can:

    • Quit smoking two weeks before the procedure date
    • Stop taking the specified medication or supplements that can slow healing down
    • Make sure that the clothes you will wear during recovery does not need to be pulled on over your head
    • Organise for someone to pick you up after your procedure
    • Prepare healthy meals in advance, ready for your recovery
    • Fill any needed prescriptions ahead of time

    Is Vaser face lipo painful?

    Since Vaser liposuction will be performed under local anaesthetic and twilight sedation, you should not feel any pain during the procedure. Any pain felt after the procedure can be managed with medication that your doctor can prescribe.

    Will face lipo leave scars?

    Small incisions will be required to perform the facial liposuction procedure with Vaser technology. Therefore, scarring is a potential side effect of the procedure, however any scarring should be minimal, and the incisions will be placed in discreet areas.


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