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Whether your lips are naturally thin, or you are beginning to lose volume with age, lip fillers can be an effective way to improve your lip shape. At Cosmos Aesthetics in Sydney NSW, we offer lip augmentation options using premium Volume Enhancement Treatments to increase lip volume, address lip asymmetry, define the lip borders, and reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines.


Reasons to consider lip filler injections

Lip fillers do more than just enhance lip volume in naturally thin lips. Below are some other ways this versatile cosmetic treatment can increase hydration and provide rejuvenation to your individual pout:

  • Add volume to increase the size of the lip shape.
  • Add definition to the lip border.
  • Lift the upper lip to create a plumper pout.
  • Increase lower lip volume to balance asymmetry.
  • Adjust and enhance the natural lip shape.
  • Improve the appearance of a gummy smile.
  • Reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines on the lips and around the mouth.

Why choose Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney for lip fillers

Cosmetic injections for lip enhancement can increase your lip volume, address asymmetry, and improve the appearance of your smile in one appointment.

However, considering that so many cosmetic clinics offer lip filler treatments, it can be hard to decide where to go. At Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney NSW, all of our cosmetic injectors are highly experienced medical professionals with specific training in lip injections.

When searching for a cosmetic injector, be sure to look out for:

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Benefits of lip filler

Dermal lip fillers aim to add volume to the lips, which may enhance symmetry and fullness. Individual results can vary. Lip filler injections are a patient-favourite treatment, which may also offer additional benefits, including:

  • Some changes may be noticeable immediately after the lip enhancement procedure, but the full effect and final appearance will develop over time. But, keep in mind that swelling may make them initially seem bigger than the final results.
  • Improved projection: Using Volume Enhancement Treatments for lip shape rejuvenation and lip augmentation, can improve both projection and lip shape appearance.
  • Customisable results: Dermal lip fillers are a highly versatile treatment, no matter if your natural lip shape is a thin lip style, if you are looking for dramatic lip volume, or just a subtle, lip enhancement treatment plan.
  • Volume Enhancement Treatments can have less downtime: Unlike invasive cosmetic surgery, lip filler injections do not usually require significant downtime. Most patients are able to resume normal daily activities after treatment, however visible swelling and bruising are to be expected.
  • Temporary results: Considering lip fillers but worried that you won’t like the results? Keep in mind that lip filler is not a permanent cosmetic treatment, and results can even be reversed if needed.

What to expect during a lip filler treatment

Remember that dermal lip fillers are a prescribed medication in Australia, meaning that it can only be administered by a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor or a registered nurse). As such, all patients must have a consultation before receiving a cosmetic injectable treatment.

Before your injections are administered, numbing cream and an ice pack are used to numb both the upper lips and lower lips to improve discomfort. Your cosmetic injector will then inject the product into the lips using either a needle or a cannula. The brands of dermal lip fillers we use at our clinics contain local anaesthetic for improved comfort, although feeling a slight pinch at each of the injection sites is very normal. Once the dermal lip filler is injected, your cosmetic injector may apply light pressure and a soothing cream to the treated area. You will see the results immediately after your lip filler treatment.

What is in lip Volume Enhancement Treatments?

Volume Enhancement Treatments are made from natural complex sugars in the skin tissue that give volume and hydration, such as hyaluronic acid. When used for lip enhancement, Volume Enhancement Treatment helps restore volume in the treated area, and can define lip borders.

At Cosmos Aesthetics, we only inject the highest quality of Volume Enhancement Treatment products sourced from the world’s leading and most trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers. These Volume Enhancement Treatments are made from natural substances and are commonly used lip augmentation treatments. Product selection will vary according to the patient’s requirements and their desired outcome.

What to expect after a lip filler treatment

Lip filler injections are generally a relatively straightforward walk-in, walk-out treatment. Depending on the individual, you can usually return to most normal daily tasks after Volume Enhancement Treatments. However, keep in mind that the lips are a sensitive area, and you will likely experience some mild swelling at the injection site for around one to two days afterwards. In some cases, swelling and bruising may persist for up to a week.

If swelling and tenderness causes any discomfort, we suggest applying ice or a cool compress to the lips for ten minutes every hour. However, do not apply the ice or cool compress directly to the lips, you should always wrap ice in a small towel before contact with the skin.

What should I avoid after lip filler?

Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to you after your lip filler treatment. However, it is essential to avoid any strenuous exercise and excessive heat for at least 24-48 hours after dermal lip fillers. Saunas should be avoided for an additional 1-2 weeks. You should also try to keep your hydration levels up following any lip enhancement or cosmetic injectable treatments. Avoid alcohol and smoking for a minimum of 24-48 hours, and if you require pain relief for any reason, you should take paracetamol rather than aspirin or ibuprofen.

How much do lip fillers cost in Sydney

How much your dermal lip filler treatment will cost is dependent on various factors, including the amount of filler required and the type of filler used. At Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney, we acknowledge that every patient is different and will require a personalised treatment plan to address their concerns and reach their aesthetic goals. Ultimately, the best way to determine how much a lip enhancement treatment will cost is to book a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic injectors.

  • Prices start from $350 depending on individual needs and Volume Enhancement Treatment thickness being used.
  • Pricing reduces with each additional syringe.
  • Initial consultations can cost between $100-$150, redeemable upon treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What brands of lip filler do you use?

We are legally prohibited from stating which dermal lip filler brands we use in our clinic. This is because lip injections are classed as prescription medicine and can only be prescribed by a doctor. As such, you must have a consultation at Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney to determine whether lip fillers are suitable for you. However, our clinic uses premium high-quality dermal lip fillers from a range of well-trusted brands. If you are interested in learning more, we can talk freely about your brand options during an initial consultation.

Am I a candidate for lip filler injections?

Individuals considering changes to their lip volume or shape can explore Volume Enhancement Treatments as an option. Suitability for this treatment varies and is determined through a professional consultation, however in Australia you must be at least 18 years old, and not have any pre-existing medical conditions that exclude you from treatment including pregnancy.

Do lip fillers have any side effects?

Most lip filler patients tolerate the treatment very well, even after years of repeat use. However, as with any other medical procedure, there are some temporary side effects to be aware of. These include swelling, redness, and bruising in the treated area, which generally resolve within a few hours or days depending on the individual.

Some patients may develop some more rare complications, such as lumps or infection. Luckily, lip filler can be reversed instantly with a special enzyme if the product needs to be dissolved to address such complications.

In extremely rare cases, lip filler can block blood supply if the product is injected into a blood vessel rather than beneath the skin which can lead to more serious complications. For this reason, we stress that you only ever see a highly experienced cosmetic injector who knows how to prevent this from occurring.

Can I have other treatments with lip enhancement?

Many patients opt to combine their lip injections with Volume Enhancement Treatments to other parts of the face, including the jawline, cheeks, or chin. Others also choose to have Wrinkle Reduction Treatments for complete facial rejuvenation. As an anti-ageing strategy, lip and Volume Enhancement Treatments add shape and volume to the face, while wrinkle relaxers reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can discuss whether other injectable treatments may be suitable for you during your consultation.

How do I prepare for lip injections?

Before your lip filler treatment, there are various things you should do to prepare. The most important thing is to avoid any blood thinners for around a week beforehand, including alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, omega 3, and vitamin E. If you are prone to cold sores, we suggest speaking with your doctor about potentially taking prophylactic medication. Additionally, if you have had a recent COVID-19 vaccination, you will need to wait at least two weeks before scheduling your lip enhancement treatment.

How long do lip fillers last?

Lip augmentation results are not permanent, as the product will eventually be absorbed by the body. The rate at which this occurs will depend on factors such as the type of filler used and your skin type, lifestyle, and age. Usually, you can expect lip injections to last for around six months; however, some patients metabolise the product quicker or slower than this. At Cosmos Aesthetics, we typically recommend scheduling top-up treatments every six to 12 months.

What can I do if I don’t like my results?

Patients who are unhappy with their lip filler results have a few options. If you desire more volume or need to even out asymmetry, your cosmetic injector can administer additional dermal lip filler. On the other hand, if you are completely dissatisfied with how the filler looks, we can inject an enzyme into the lips that completely dissolves the product.

Do lip injections hurt?

At Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney, we always numb the lips before administering Volume Enhancement Treatment injections, which keeps patients relatively comfortable during treatment. You may feel a slight pressure or stinging sensation as the lip filler is injected; however, whether you find this painful will depend on your individual tolerance for pain.

Where else can Volume Enhancement Treatment be injected?

In addition to the lips, we use Volume Enhancement Treatments to soften and plump various other areas of the face with natural results, such as the:

•  Temples
•  Tear troughs
•  Cheeks
•  Nasolabial folds
•  Marionette lines
•  Chin
•  Jowls
•  Jawline

How much lip filler do I need?

Each patient is different and will require a different amount of dermal lip filler, depending on their natural lip shape and desired outcomes. For patients who are new to Volume Enhancement Treatment or looking for more natural lip enhancement, we usually recommend starting with a single syringe or 1ml of Volume Enhancement Treatment. If you feel that this is not enough once the swelling has subsided, we welcome you to return to Cosmos Aesthetics Sydney NSW for additional Volume Enhancement Treatment. A personalised treatment plan detailing how many mls of Volume Enhancement Treatment and the type of filler being used, as well as detailed information for common questions (faqs) including treatment side effects, will all be discussed during your initial consultation.


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