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Fat and Body Image

It seems that the problems of women a quarter of a century ago about their body image are still as much alive today. In the 1984 Glamour survey, 75% of women thought that they were too fat and more than 60% said that they were dissatisfied with or ashamed of their stomach, hips and thighs. […]

How to Get Rid Of…

Fill in the blank… How to get rid of …… acne, fat, cellulite, that double chin, freckles, love handles, , stretch marks … we can all admit to typing into Google and trying to get a quick fix or natural remedy to some of the above mentioned  “problems”. You may even be up to your […]
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The Mummy Makeover

While having children can be one of the most rewarding and magical experiences a woman can experience, the stress, hormonal changes, and weight gain associated with pregnancy can take their toll. Increasingly, women are turning to cosmetic medicine to turn back the clock, tone up, and resculpt their bodies after this big life change. But […]