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Gaining Weight Before a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The most suitable candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure are those people who desire a more shapely and defined buttock and who have the reserves of fat elsewhere on their body.  The BBL procedure combines Vaser Liposuction of the patient’s own body fat away from areas with a healthy amount of fat available; namely the abdomen, thighs or lower back. But for some patients, they don’t […]
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Sora’s Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation Journey

Sora has always had insecurities about the shape of her buttocks, that is until her recent Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at Cosmos Clinic. “It was always flat”, said 25-year-old Sora when reflecting on the appearance of her buttocks. “I’ve always wanted to do alternative tattoo modelling, but it has held me back. I have just […]
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Male vs Female Brazilian Butt Lift

Did you catch Dr. Joseph Ajaka explaining the difference between a male BBL and a female BBL on our Instagram Stories earlier this week? In case you missed it, here is a summary of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and how it differs between males and females. What is a Brazilian Butt Lift? A Brazilian […]
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BBL Expert and ‘Buttman’ Dr Aslani Visits Cosmos Clinic

The team at Cosmos Clinic got their New Year off to a great start when famed surgeon Dr Alexander Aslani, from Spain, spent a few days sharing his latest tips on Brazilian Butt Lifts.
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Lets Talk Twerking

It’s in the Oxford Dictionary – but hands up who had dropped the word “twerk” into a casual conversation before a certain achey-breaky offspring did this? When Miley Cyrus drew our attention to a dance move we’d seen but didn’t know by name in 2013 – most of us were kind of horrified. Once we […]
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The ‘Butt’ Has Swept the Globe

2015 has proven to be the year of butts with a steady rise in the number cosmetic procedures performed in the US, UK and now Australia aimed to enhance the buttocks.  According to Google, the term “butt implants” received a massive 40,500 searches in the month of March 2015 alone. We can thank the curvaceous […]
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What’s Driving The Buttock Augmentation Craze?

So what’s this CRAZY obsession everyone has with BUTTS these days? Some Cosmetic surgeons say that buttocks augmentation is the new breast augmentations. In the last few years, women have become more interested in their rear ends than ever before. So who can we “thank” or even some might say “blame” for this massive interest […]
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Dr Joseph Ajaka Reveals How To Get The Perfect Butt

In just over a week Dr Joseph Ajaka will be one of the keynote speakers and presenters at the International Fat Grafting Asia Summit. Dr Ajaka has been invited to share his expertise on the topic of fat grafting and buttock augmentations with other surgeons, who are keen to know exactly how Dr Ajaka has […]