The team at Cosmos Aesthetics got their New Year off to a great start when famed Dr Alexander Aslani, from Spain, spent a few days sharing his latest tips on Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Who is Dr Aslani?

Dr Aslani has a large following of fellow doctors and patients, thanks to his experience and awards. Dr. Aslani has been recognized for his work in the field of aesthetic medicine and has shared his expertise in various procedures, including the Brazilian Butt Lift, both nationally and internationally. He presides at the Cirumed Clinic on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Joining Dr Aslani for his visit to Cosmos Aesthetics were the full team, including Dr Joseph Ajaka, Dr William Anderson, Dr Francesco Fascetti, Dr Mitchell Kim, Dr Christopher Lee and Dr Erfan Rahbar.

What Dr Aslani’s visit meant to the team

Speaking about Dr Aslani time at the clinic, Cosmos’ Dr Joseph Ajaka said:  ‘I was blown away by his knowledge and more so by his humility. It was great operating with the whole cosmos brotherhood.’

However, it wasn’t only the Cosmos team who were excited to learn Dr Aslani’s latest findings, a patient, about to undergo her surgery, was also extremely pleased to meet him.

‘I thought our patient was going to faint when I told her Dr Aslani was with us all the way from Malaga, Spain. She is a huge fan of his work. His reputation proceeds him,’ said Dr Ajaka.

Do you want to start your New Year with a lift?

Are you considering a Butt Lift this year? At Cosmos Aesthetics, two types of butt lift procedures are offered: Brazilian Butt Lift and Non-Invasive Butt Lift.Since first performing a Brazilian Butt Lift in 2010, Cosmos Aesthetics has completed a significant number of buttock augmentation procedures.