If you’re concerned about loose skin from aging or after procedures like liposuction, then don’t be. With the latest skin rejuvenation cosmetic technology now available at Cosmos Aesthetics, the tightness of your skin can be improved without invasive or extensive plastic surgery.

Renuvion/J-Plasma, an FDA-approved treatment, aims to achieve smoother and tighter skin. This non-surgical method is gaining interest among those considering liposuction.

Renuvion is used in conjunction with Vaser Liposuction to improve the results of the cosmetic surgery contouring procedures in areas such as your arms and inner thighs.

How does Renuvion skin tightening work?

The method uses a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy to gently heat soft tissue through a patented J-Plasma device.

This technique renews the skin in two ways:

  • The device vaporises the tough outer layer of the skin to minimise any visible irregularities such as discolouration, sun damage or aging.
  • The controlled heat and plasma energy are distributed deeper into the subdermal layer stimulating the production of collagen.

The intended outcome is to achieve tighter and more youthful-appearing skin.

When used in conjunction with Vaser Liposuction, you’re not only removing unwanted fat cells, you’re also maximising the contraction of the soft tissue which enhances your overall contouring results and skin laxity.

While using the compression garments during the liposuction recovery does help with skin retraction, the Renuvion works more deeply, targeting the tissue. This outcome makes it a highly suitable treatment for those with thin or loose skin throughout various areas of their body including the arms, inner thighs and tummy.

How soon will I see the results?

While the time frame for visible results varies for different skin tightening treatments, some improvement in skin appearance may be noticeable soon after a Renuvion treatment.

You’ll have ongoing skin tightening for approximately 6-9 months as the new collagen fibres fully form and the swelling from the procedure subsides. And the good news, there is minimal downtime after your Renuvion treatment.

How does Renuvion compare to other skin treatments

From facial products, chemical peels and laser, the market is saturated with skin treatments designed to bring back your youthful, glowing skin. So how does Renuvion compare?

Non-surgical beauty treatments like microdermabrasion and laser can be effective at deeply cleansing the skin, reducing redness, decreasing pigmentation and minimising the appearance of wrinkles. Other facial treatments like Wrinkle Reduction Treatments and fillers help to replace lost volume in the face and skin or enhance the facial features, but not to directly improve the tightness of the skin.

Most skin treatments are targeted towards the face and neck, not areas of the body which receive liposuction treatment.

Renuvion, however, can help improve skin quality of other areas while also encouraging contraction by working deep within the skin layers. This results in not only a rejuvenated skin surface but also tighter skin which dramatically improves the body contouring results of a liposuction procedure.

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