Lets paint a picture: You’ve gone to the gym for a weights session and for the same work that your neighbour is doing, your sweat glands are running on overdrive and the sweat is dripping down your body.

Lets paint another picture: Its a mild spring day. As you get that last glimpse of yourself in the mirror your look very smart (and cute!) in that new business shirt. By the time you’ve got to work, there are sweat patches under your arms and the drizzle down your back has also left some markings.

Neither of these are pretty, however, unbeknown to most men, (and the small % of women it effects too), excessive sweating is an actual medical condition. The term is Hyperhidrosis and the good thing is something can be done about it.

A little background:

Hyperhidrosis is considered sweating beyond the bodies physiological needs for regulation of body temperature. It is generally an inherited condition and commonly affects the hands, feet, armpits and face.
The good thing is the social embarrassment and awkwardness created from excessive sweating can now be removed. There are two effective treatments on the market today:

Anti Wrinkle Injections:

Anti Wrinkle Injections works by creating a roadblock between the glands responsible for sweating and the brain. The procedure requires a few tiny injections placed in the glands and voila. It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure and the benefits are reaped for a good 6-9 months before the Anti Wrinkle Injection needs to be administered again. It can be used for treating localised areas of sweating and has fantastic results for underarm sweating.

Laser Ablation:

Laser ablation for excessive sweating invasive method of treatment is specifically used for under the arms. It is performed under twilight sedation. The laser is used to totally destroy and then remove the glands that are responsible for sweat production, without damaging any surrounding skin around the glands.
You may wonder, if these get destroyed, how is my body going to regulate its temperature? Not to worry, removing the sweat glands from such a small area still allows your body to get rid of excess heat from other areas of the body.

When deliberating what treatment is for you, you need to consider where you sweat from, how it affects you both mentally and physically, what treatments you have tried, whether it is genetic and any pre-existing medical conditions. A trained and professional medical expert can assist you in your decision making.