After Jeff Kolster the inventor of VASER® liposuction visited Cosmos Aesthetics in Double Bay last week to observe Dr Ajaka and Dr Kishida’s work he was very impressed and has personally invited them to join him in Vegas.

The doctors from Cosmos Aesthetics Double Bay have been invited to Viva Las Vegas by the inventor of Vaser Liposuction, Jeffrey Kolster, for an Exclusive opportunity to join some of the other top Doctors from around the world.

The doctors are Dr Grant Hamlett, Dr Chris Korsandi, whom, like Dr Ajaka and Dr Kishida, are also known for their quality work in performing treatments such as VASER® Hi Definition Liposuction, Tummy Liposuction, Fat Transfer to the buttock, and VaserSmooth (Cellulite).

The doctors will work together on Vaser developments and techniques in hospital in Las Vegas.

Vaser Liposuction World Experts

Dr Grant Hamlett, Dr Chris Korsandi, Dr Joseph Ajaka, Dr Daiya Kishida

Vaser Lipo Experts

Dr Grant Hamlett is known to perform the most Vaser Liposuction procedures in all of Europe. He is one of two doctors in the UK who is a trainer in Hi-Def Sculpturing using the innovative VASER® technology. This has seen Dr Hamlet become one of the most sought after trainers in Europe for those wishing to learn VASER®. Dr Hamlett has also had Hi Definition Liposuction himself. Below is a before and after photo of his amazing results.

Grant Hamlett

Dr Grant Hamlett’s own Vaser Hi Def transformation

Dr Chris Khorsandi is a Board Certified doctor who provides world-class cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the Las Vegas Valley. Among his many accomplishments and accreditations, Dr Khorsandi has specific training in the most advanced techniques of Plastic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery and the emerging new field of Migraine Relief Surgery.

Dr Joseph Ajaka, and Dr Daiya Kishida perform VASER® Liposuction on many patients every week at Cosmos Aesthetics in Sydney, and were honoured to be selected for this exclusive experience.

The 4 Doctors will operate on 4 patients over 2 days. We look forward to seeing their great before and after photos!