In the new Hollywood comedy Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz plays a teacher whose wealthy fiancé breaks up with her. This Teacher then schemes to get her school to pay for a boob job so that she can attract a new wealthy man into her life. This is definitely an example of a bad motive for wanting breast augmentation surgery. After all, any cosmetic surgery should be done for yourself, not to please or feel worthy of someone else. But if this is a bad reason, what are some of the good reasons for a woman to consider breast surgery, and what options are available.

Small Breasts

For many women, their breasts – though fully formed – don’t feel in proportion with the rest of her body. Or for someone women, they want to be able to enhance their curves to better reflect how they’d like to see themselves. For these women, breast augmentation – otherwise known as implants – is the obvious solution. In this operation, a saline or silicone implant is placed either under or over the breast muscle to increase the volume of the breast. While both silicone and saline are used in Australia, silicone is the safer of these options,

Fat Transfer

Another option for women with smaller breasts is fat transfer. This process involves using existing fat from another part of the body, removing it via liposuction, then transferring it to the breasts. The advantages of this procedure is that once the breasts have healed, they have an incredibly natural look and feel, since there is no ‘implant’ in the breast, just a patient’s natural fatty tissue.

Boob Job

For those who aren’t keen on going under the knife, or even having liposculpture to transfer fat to their breasts, there is a new, far less invasive procedure called the ‘boob jab’ now offered by some cosmetic physicians. In this process, the boob is injected with a ‘filler’, literally refilling the breast with a substance which occurs naturally in the body.

Sagging breasts

Gravity is inevitable, but for some women, the toll it takes on their breasts is more so than for others. Luckily there are options depending on the different needs of different patients. After all, some women not only want to lift and reposition their breasts, they often want to enlarge or reduce them at the same time. For simply lifting the breasts, however, there are two options:

    • Option 1 – Laser Skin Tightening

Lifting breasts needn’t be a surgical procedure if you are only looking for a mild or moderate lift. Laser skin tightening uses a highly targeted laser beam which is placed into the second layer of skin. This beam then heats of the collagen and elastin in this layer, promoting the growth of new more youthful collagen, while rejuvenating the elastin in the same area. All this makes for a more youthful, and perkier pair of breasts. Another advantage of this option is that unlike a traditional surgical lift, there is no scarring, plus recovering time is usually 2 to three days. Also, the procedure – while taking 3-4 months to fully take effect, is permanent.

    • Option 2 – Traditional Breast Lift or ‘Mastopexy’

For more serious sagging or dropping, sometimes the only solution is a traditional breast lift or Mastopexy. This is particularly common in women who have had children, have lost a great deal of weight, or simply have aged this way. This surgical procedure removes sections of slack or redundant skin. Often combined with breast implants to restore volume and elasticity of the breasts, or even a breast reduction, the right doctor will be able to advise you on which combination is best.