Many people turn to butt exercises and Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery for similar reasons. 

Complaints such as “my butt is too flat” or “I want a more shapely and larger butt” are all too common. 

Both butt lift workouts and surgery can enhance the buttocks, but they can produce very different results. 

Butt Lift workout 

Lower body exercises such as lunges, deadlifts and bodyweight squats are designed to improve tone and increase glute muscle mass. Combined with high-intensity cardio and strength training, these butt-lifting exercise also help burn excess fat which aids overall weight loss.

As a result, your buttocks can appear more toned, tight and larger, dramatically changing your body composition. This, however, is not an instantaneous effect. In fact, quite the opposite and it requires dedication and focus along with a supportive diet to change your buttock size and shape. 

Some buttocks, however, can’t be shaped with exercise and diet alone. For some individuals, no matter how many quad lifts, kettlebell squats or hamstring exercises they do, achieving a full and projected butt is difficult and even unattainable.

For others, toning the glute muscles can result in the presence of hip dimples and create an athletic appearance rather than a curvaceous figure they desire. And unfortunately, you can’t choose where you lose that stubborn excess fat

These are just some of the reasons why the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is so popular. 

Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery 

The Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to not only enlarge but shape your buttocks and surrounding areas of the body. It’s a targeted treatment that uses your own fat to create your desired results. 

The liposuction technique in the BBL procedure aims to target excess fat in specific areas like the love handles and lower back, which may accentuate curves. This helps to create a natural, hourglass figure through contouring – something that can’t be achieved through exercise alone. 

Transferring purified fat into the buttocks is intended to add volume and shape, though results can vary between individuals. For those with hip dimples and unevenness, fat can be transferred to fill the concaves and even out the buttocks. It can also be beneficial to improve the symmetry of your buttocks if one side is smaller, flatter or droopier than the other. 

Another advantage of BBL surgery has over butt exercises is that results can be viewed immediately. However, true results are seen after about 6 weeks once the swelling has subsided and the fat settled.

Butt lift workout vs BBL surgery

So, should you persist with your booty workouts or undergo Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery? Ultimately, it comes down to your goals and expectations. 

Butt workouts aim to sculpt and tone the glute muscles while also burning fat. As a result, most people will have a muscular, athletic appearance if and when they achieve their goals. 

Many BBL patients are wanting less of an athletic look. Removing fat from the flanks and accentuating the hips and buttocks, creates more of a naturally curvaceous figure that normally wouldn’t exist in those with an athletic composition. 

If you do choose to opt for cosmetic surgery to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks, its worth remembering exercise is going to help you maintain your results long term.

To find out if the BBL surgery is right for you, explore the procedure in more detail here or contact our team on 1300-138-797 or at [email protected].

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