About 80 per cent of women experience cellulite but it’s important to remember cellulite is not harmful.

The puckering appearance of cellulite is due to fat cells pushing against the connective tissue that lies under the surface of the skin. It’s not a body fat issue, more a structural problem that occurs deep under the skin. So even if you experience weight loss, it’s not guaranteed your cellulite will disappear.

Battling cellulite: What are my options?

If you’re battling with “orange peel” dimpling skin and want to address its appearance, there are several cellulite treatment options to consider ranging from non-invasive to more invasive procedures. Each method offers varying results and will depend on the degree of the cellulite and the overall quality of your skin. These may be more effective than massage techniques or dermatologist-approved topical creams and firming lotions.

Before and After of Cellulite Treatment at Cosmos Aesthetics

  1. Bio Stimulating Injections
    Bio Stimulating Injections work to stimulate collagen production, helping to restore the skin’s structure. It acts like a fertiliser that kick starts the production of the new collagen, and replacing the old and damaged collagen that occurs over time with ageing. This cellulite treatment may be suitable for those with any degree of dimpling of the skin.
  2. Harvest Platelet Rich Plasma
    Harvest Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment designed to improve skin texture and elasticity. It uses the plasma component in your own blood to stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration. In addition to treating the “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite, Harvest PRP is used to treat severe scarring and stretch marks. It may be suitable if you have loose skin or could benefit from non-invasive skin firming.
  3. Fat Injections
    Fat injections have become a popular way to minimise the appearance of cellulite while address areas of the body with excess fat deposits through liposuction. By using your own fat, dimples can be filled which minimises the overall appearance of cellulite and evens the skin area. As liposuction is used, this is one of the more invasive procedures for treating cellulite although highly effective.
  4. VaserSmooth
    VaserSmooth is another cosmetic surgery treatment option for cellulite and particularly suitable for those people with thickening of the skin, noticeable excess fat deposits and dimpling. This procedure utilises a probe to melt away the superficial fat layer that is causing the cellulite.

Speaking with a qualified professional experienced in cellulite treatment will help determine which of the four options are right for you.

How can I prevent further development of cellulite?

Unfortunately, cellulite is one of life’s unavoidable things. Most women experience cellulite regardless of whether they’re genetically inclined, have a high body mass index or have a checkered health history. And while you can’t prevent cellulite occurring altogether, there a few things you can do to minimise the severity of dimpling skin and prevent further development.

  • Include strength training
    Regular exercise is one of the more effective ways to minimise the cellulite developing further. But, it’s weight training you should focus on due to its ability to strengthen the connective tissues of your muscles and help to firm up your figure.
  • Practice yoga
    Yoga is another effective form of exercise that improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation, in addition, to strengthening and toning the body.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
    While people of a healthy BMI do experience cellulite, weight gain, especially in body fat mass, may worsen cellulite because of the increased fat cell formation.
  • Eat a balanced, whole food diet
    Eating a balanced healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight and meet your nutrient needs can help to prevent furthering your cellulite. Pay particular attention to your protein consumption as this nutrient is important for connective tissue and collagen production. Antioxidant foods such as those rich in vitamin C are also important as these nutrients help to protect against free radical damage to the skin cells. Avoiding excess sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans fats and salt are also important due to their contribution to an increase in body fat and inflammation.
  • Keep up your skincare regimen
    Although there are many expensive lotions and dermatologist-approved skincare products that claim to significantly reduce the appearance of orange-peel skin, it’s a basic skincare regimen that can make all the difference. Regularly cleanse to remove the build-up of dirt and debris, and moisturise to keep your skin hydrated. To help remove old dead skin cells and enhance the vibrancy of your skin, you can also exfoliate using a quality body scrub.
  • Protect your skin from the sun
    Wearing a quality high SPF sunscreen is important for your skin quality and integrity. This won’t minimise the appearance of cellulite but it will prevent further damaging and minimise the aging process.