They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about the doctor? Well for years cosmetic medicine was seen as a cure for ageing. For those wealthy enough, it was possible to ‘turn back the clock’ and fix the cosmetic issues that age creates. However, in the past decade, both cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery have evolved to emphasise prevention rather than cure as the answer to ageing gracefully.

So the question then becomes, what steps can you take now to prolong or avoid the time before you might want a surgical procedure. Here are just a few of the best prevention methods, and the easiest way to apply them.

Good Skincare

Cosmetics companies have been selling the public ‘miracle formulas’ and ‘anti-ageing creams’ for years, and for just as many years, a large proportion of the public have known that these creams, though not a complete waste of money, usually never deliver on their bold promises. But in recent years it has become clear that $400 tubs of designer youth serum are totally useless unless combined with a good sunscreen.


Because harmful UV rays contribute to most premature ageing issues, especially in countries like Australia, wearing a sunscreen daily that contains what are known as ‘physical blockers’ of harmful UVA and UVB rays is vital.

It is known that skin loses approximately 1% of its collagen and elastic tissue per year after age 25, but the ultraviolet, or UV rays of the sun are the ones that physically ‘age’ the skin. We all hear about liposuction and ways to get rid of fat in the body, but one of the fastest ways to age is to lose fat in the face. The main culprits in this respect are UVA long wave rays. That’s why before you purchase a sunscreen, make sure it is strong enough (30+ is perfect for Australian conditions) and that is contains blockers for both UVA and UVB (which causes cancer). These sunscreens usually contain Zinc Oxide and or Titanium Dioxide.

Vitamin A creams 

While protecting your skin from the factors that cause ageing is important, what about your body’s own natural ageing process?  Well, when it comes to skin, the loss and slow degradation of your natural collagen is the biggest factor in the ageing process. That’s way creams known as retinoids – which stimulate collagen production naturally – can be incredibly effective in maintaining your skin’s natural healthy glow and elasticity. That’s the good new, the great news is that these retinoids, which include prescription medications like Retin-A, Stieva A and Retrieve as well as over-the-counter options like Retinaldehyde, Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate are all available at a fraction of the costs of those expensive Department store miracle creams. Simply applied nightly (they are incredibly photosensitive so don’t wear them in the sun), these retinoids stimulate the natural production of collagen, effectively ‘plumping’ the skin while improving fine lines, wrinkles, and even dermatological concerns like pigmentation and brown spots.

So create the face you deserve with these simple rules, and who knows, you may never need to visit a cosmetic practitioner, ever.