Vaser Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure typically completed in one day, with the duration of the surgery varying based on individual cases.

The treatment is usually performed under twilight sedation, which is an alternative to general anaesthesia and may reduce some side effects.

Once the cosmetic procedure is completed, patients will spend about 2 hours of recovery time in the clinic before being able to go home. 

There are several things to remember when recovering from a Vaser Liposuction procedure. Read below for the key 5 points:

1. Wearing a compression garment & binder

After your Vaser Liposuction procedure, you’ll be provided with a compression garment. This garment helps to compress the skin of the treated areas of the body and prevents the swelling of fluid in the days and weeks after the procedure. 

The compression garment also aids the tightening of the skin to improve the results of the body contouring. 

For patients who have had Vaser Liposuction in the tummy region, an elastic band binder with a plastic board will be applied. This enables the patient to sit down during the recovery period post-surgery while maintaining a flat tummy. Without the board, curves, lines and foldings can occur as the tummy muscles relax in the seated position.   

Like the compression garment, the binder helps to assist with skin tightening.

It’s important these compression garments and binders are worn for the first three weeks full-time (day and night) only to be removed to shower. In the second three weeks of recovery, the patient only needs to wear the compression garment part-time (half a day/12hrs). 

Lymphatic drainage massage will further assist the removal of fluid as discussed below.

2. The leakage of fluid 

During the first week of recovery after the surgical procedure, the patient may experience some leaking of the numbing solutions from the incisions. 

The cosmetic practitioner will insert a small, plastic straw-like item called a drain into the lower abdomen incensions and one in the belly button. These allow the leaking fluid to drain from the treatment area faster. You should expect this to occur for 4-5 days during your Vaser Liposuction downtime. 

The drains will be removed during one of the follow-up recovery consultations. 

3. Lymphatic drainage massage 

Lymphatic drainage massages are crucial to the healing process and overall results of the Vaser or traditional liposuction procedure. This entails a gentle massage performed by our physiotherapists to help squeeze out excess fluid and swelling that is accumulating behind the skin. 

During the first 10 days of recovery, a patient can expect to have 4-5 lymphatic massage consultations scheduled. 

4. Pain management 

After a Vaser Liposuction procedure, the patient can feel some soreness, particularly around the tummy region for about 4-5 days. Pain experienced post-surgery may vary across different body areas and individuals.

Recovery experiences, including pain reduction, can differ.

The cosmetic practitioner will supply all the medication required to manage the pain as well as antibiotics and nausea medications if required. Within a week, the patient will not require any further pain medication. 

5. Having a shower post-surgery

Most patients take their first shower 48 hours after the Vaser Liposuction treatment. We recommend patients lie down on a bed and remove the compression garment. It is important to remain lying down for 5-10 minutes before slowly sitting up and then eventually standing up when you feel comfortable and not nauseous or light-headed.  

The water temperature should be lukewarm, not hot for at least the first shower. After a couple of days of recovery time, the patient’s blood pressure will stabilise and the patient can remove the compression garment without the need to lie down prior. 

Once recovered, patients are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle of a nutritious diet and regular exercise to maintain the results of the body sculpting procedure. For more information about recovery time and the cosmetic procedure, explore our Liposuction options here. 

To discuss your individual needs for cosmetic surgery whether it’s weight loss, stubborn fat removal or body contouring, contact Cosmos Aesthetics here or calling on 1300-138-797.

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