Loose skin, crow’s feet and eye bags are common signs of ageing. In the past to retain their youthful appearance, people went under the knife opting for surgical procedures to rejuvenate the eye area.

Minimally invasive procedures such as non-surgical blepharoplasty are available as alternatives to traditional surgery. They generally involve less downtime and may be more cost-effective. It’s important for patients to understand that individual results and experiences may vary. Using contemporary techniques in cosmetic procedures, non-surgical eye lift treatments offer one approach to addressing sagging skin and fine lines around the eye area. It is essential to consider individual factors and consult with a qualified medical practitioner to determine the most suitable option.

See the non-surgical eyelid lift procedure in action here:

A non-surgical eyelid lift procedure that utilises the latest technology

A traditional blepharoplasty requires a scalpel cutting through the skin to lift the upper eyelid and tighten the targeted area. Thanks to a Plasma Generator device, this non-invasive procedure lifts the eye area and treats the dreaded wrinkles and darkness that comes with ageing.

How does it work?

The plasma device is designed to target the skin around the eye area. The treatment involves the creation of small, pin-prick holes in the skin using a plasma generator. This process involves gas passing through an electromagnetic field to create ionised gas particles.

non-surgical eyelid lift treatment

The plasma energy interacts with the skin in the targeted area. This process is part of the treatment approach and should be discussed in detail with a qualified medical practitioner to understand its effects and potential outcomes.

The benefits of non-surgical eyelid lift

For those looking for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure for treating sagging skin and unwanted wrinkles around the eyes, this new treatment could be for you.

The benefits of a non-surgical eyelid lift include:

  • No use of scalpel or laser to remove excess skin;
  • Minimal discomfort with only a topical anaesthetic cream required;
  • Reduced recovery time with only 3 days of swelling and 5 days of visible brown dots;
  • Treats a variety of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, scarring and ageing;
  • An affordable alternative to traditional blepharoplasty interventions;
  • Avoids the risks that come with invasive eyelid lift surgical procedures;
  • Results expected to last for 2-3 years.

Want to see the results of a non-surgical eyelid procedure for yourself? Explore our before and after gallery to see how Plasma Generator technology could provide you with the youthful results you’re seeking.

non-surgical eyelid lift treatment

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