Dr Joseph Ajaka is the founder and Medical Director of Cosmos Clinic. Dr Joseph Ajaka’s experience in the field of liposuction, anti wrinkle injections and facial rejuvenation treatments has led him to hold a number of titles including Allergan National Trainer as well as being the only Australian Doctor on Dr Oz’s Sharecare Panel.

Below is  part 1 of an interview with Dr Joseph Ajaka. We hope these interviews allow you to learn more about our doctors:

Q & A with Dr Joseph Ajaka

Firstly what led you to becoming a Doctor?

As a child, doctors in our ethnic community had a lot of respect and I was drawn to that type of responsibility. I like the values to which we hold ourselves as doctors and also the ability to be able to provide care to patients in need appealed to me.

What about cosmetic medicine appealed to you?

I was drawn to cosmetic medicine, as I liked the artistic element of this branch of medicine. It was different to traditional medicine. There was something about making someone feel beautiful that I loved.  For example the vision that is required by doctors in the industry to see a face and know that with a few small changes you can rebalance a face and deliver a more symmetrical and attractive appearance.

Best part of your job?

Two things here. Firstly the people you meet. Such a wide variety of cultures, personalities and ages. Everyone has his or her story to tell. You don’t get to hear that in traditional medicine. Generally, they come in for a medical problem and the patient just wants you to fix it. It’s rare that you can build a relationship with them.

In cosmetic medicine, it’s different. I have a large portion of my clientele that have seen me for over 6 years! And its great. You meet their children, partners and create a bond and a friendship.

Secondly, and probably the most important part of cosmetics for me is the results for the patients. Making someone feel more beautiful, confident, sexy, manly and see them come to life, is pretty amazing. I know myself, when Dr Farah Meher Homji injects Anti Wrinkle into me, I always feel fresher and it’s a great feeling. Having the skill to pass on that feeling…priceless!

You have been in the field for a long time…What does Dr Joseph Ajaka think some of the common mistakes are when doing anti ageing injectables?

I notice less mistakes made with Anti Wrinkle Injections, and it is filler that commonly has more issues. I see a lot of fillers that have been injected into the wrong place and also too much product. It can be very easy to get carried away with heavy handed injecting resulting in an unnatural appearance. I will often allow my patients’ treated areas to settle before potentially adding more as subtle changes – a combination of the right amount of filler injected into the best areas can often create a beautifully enhanced and balanced face for my patients.

What treatments do you think people should be doing more of but potentially they are unaware of them?

For me I see great potential in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Anti Wrinkle Injections.  For example, did you know that Anti Wrinkle Injections can be used for more than just tightening wrinkles? It can be used to shape the eyebrows, reduce sweating, reduce the thickness of a women’s calves and the list goes on. I think this will change in time though as people become more educated on Anti Wrinkle Injections.

PRP is also an amazing treatment however not enough is known about it. Recently Kim Kardashian did some PRP treatment on her face and before you knew it, the treatment increased in popularity! PRP is a great way of improving darkness under the eyes, assisting in hair growth for men as well as improving the appearance of acne scars.

What would you like to see people do more of which are known about but aren’t as popular?

Breast reduction for both males and females. I find that when many people see us during the consultation they think it’s a procedure that involves heavy scarring and recovery time. With the traditional approach, this is true however technology has changed and the method we adopt at Cosmos Clinic using Vaser Liposuction Breast Reduction means there is minimal scarring and very little down time.

The impact of a breast reduction is also significant. For a women who suffers back pain or the emotional struggle to not fit in a dress….huge! And I find the most satisfied patients are these!

For men, man boobs is such a horrible look. How many guys do you see at the beach and just wont take their shirts off? I would say half are due to man boobs. Having a firm chest not only looks good for a male but makes you feel so much better. I also find that men are more closed off than women and just wont speak about it…but this is changing…

With a constantly advancing industry how do you feel vaser liposuction changed the liposuction industry from traditional lipo?

Vaser liposuction changed not only the way that the procedure of liposuction is performed by a doctor but the experience for the patient. Instead of chopping through the fat, we are now able to gently chip away at the fat. The vaser method allows us to deliver more precise and smooth results but it is the patients who benefit the most from the vaser liposuction procedure. The gentle method means that their recovery time was reduced from weeks to days and I’m always focused on providing treatments that benefit the patients.


And moving forward with these changes how do you think Vaser Liposuction has improved results even further again?

The Vaser Hi Definition Liposculpture (4-D Liposculpture) method improves upon standard vaser lipo in the way it can create more muscle definition rather than just slim the body through basic fat removal. It delivers more precise results so that muscles can be contoured and a sculpted physique can be achieved. This results in an athletic chiselled appearance that many patients can’t achieve in the gym.

Where do you see the future of cosmetic medicine heading?

Stem cells are absolutely the future of all medicine including the cosmetic sector. I’m very excited about the regenerative medicine. Treatments like PRP will improve skin texture and work alongside fillers to create youthful natural results for patients. Fillers will continue to be refined and developed; they will last longer and have less swelling and downtime associated with them. Allergan are releasing a new filler this year which will do just this and it is a very exciting time for patients.