Cosmos Aesthetics is receiving more enquiries from interstate and overseas clients than ever before. 

Collectively, we’ve performed more than 100,000 cosmetic and 30,000 surgical procedures across our Australian locations. While many of our clients are locally based, there are plenty of people willing to travel to receive treatment from our experienced cosmetic practitioners. 

Currently, Cosmos Aesthetics are located in Double Bay in Sydney, Archer St in North Adelaide, Deakin in Canberra and Benowa in Gold Coast

We’ll be looking to open our much-anticipated clinic in Melbourne by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates about this on the Cosmos Aesthetics Instagram Feed

Booking cosmetic surgery interstate

If you’re from interstate or living outside of Australia and interested in travelling for cosmetic surgery at Cosmos Aesthetics, you’re best to submit your enquiry to [email protected]

One of our team will then be in touch to discuss the cosmetic procedure and the costs involved in more detail. 

The day before your procedure, you’ll meet in person with your Cosmos Aesthetics cosmetic practitioner. At this appointment, we’ll discuss and prepare you for your treatment. Pre-operative and post-operative requirements will be provided so you can achieve the best possible results.

What to consider when travelling for cosmetic surgery


Whether you’re coming to Cosmos Aesthetics for liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift or another of the many cosmetic procedures offered, you’ll need to factor recovery time into your travel schedule

While many of our cosmetic surgery treatments are performed under conscious sedation allowing you to go home the same day as your procedure, follow-up visits are advised. These appointments can help with the recovery process and ensure optimal results are achieved. 

As a guide we recommend you stay local to your chosen Cosmos Aesthetics for:

During this time, you’ll return to the Cosmos Aesthetics for post-surgical checkups and lymphatic massages with a physical therapist. These appointments are essential to check your healing and to help clear any fluid from the targeted area.


When planning interstate or international travel for cosmetic surgery, you’ll want to ensure you’ve arranged appropriate accommodation for the duration of your stay

We recommend you choose a place to stay that’s relatively close to your chosen Cosmos Aesthetics. We also suggest you look for accommodation that enables you to have the rest and recovery you’ll need post-surgery. 


Depending on the extent of your cosmetic surgery, you may also want to consider having adequate support while you are away from home. 

A friend can not only help you emotionally but also physically as you may not be able to carry out physical activities such as shopping or lifting luggage.

Everyone copes differently after cosmetic surgery. Being prepared for the pre-operative and post-operative requirements is essential for optimal results. 

For more information regarding the cosmetic procedures offered, click here or contact Cosmos Aesthetics at [email protected].